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It’s All in the Spin


Whether you handle the creation of all your marketing materials yourself, or you hire freelance writers to reduce your workload, one of the hardest things to do is to figure out how to make your product, location, service or website (henceforth referred to as “product”) appealing to the largest number of potential customers.

It is relatively easy to make the best aspects of your product sound appealing. A few simple bullet points that highlight the benefits and you are good to go. However, how should you handle the negative aspects of your product? Do you ignore them and hope your potential customers do too? While this can be one potential solution, another possibility is to spin your negatives into positives.

A brief example:

Imagine you are a real estate agent attempting to sell a nice starter home in the suburbs. The house is clean, in good condition and in a desirable neighborhood. However, there is one big negative. The kitchen was designed in 1992 and has not been updated—ever. White cabinets, laminate countertops, pastel flooring, white appliances and gold light fixtures are the highlights of this glorious house. You can’t convince the owners to update or upgrade.

Should you skip all mention of the kitchen in the marketing materials and leave off the photos? Should you go hide in your office, convinced this place will never sell? NO! Spin that negative into a positive!

Suddenly, that kitchen is not dated; it is vintage. Highlight the uniqueness of the light fixtures, add some kitschy décor and you have a room that is appealing instead of appalling.

While the process will vary a little bit depending on exactly what your product is and how much spin it requires, the idea of spinning a negative into a positive is a powerful marketing trick that can be used in nearly any industry. Are all your employees fresh out of college? Highlight their fresh skills rather than their lack of experience. Are you trying to find a new home for your late Aunt Ida’s pet squirrel? Call it a quirky watch-rodent instead of an aggressive and psychotic tree-rat. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to marketing, creativity is key. Make sure you are honest, but don’t be afraid to point out the pros of your cons. Using this strategy, along with more traditional marketing methods will help you reach and impress customers, no matter what type of product you have to offer.

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