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It’s Alive!: Making Your Blog Come to Life

Take Care of Your Dog and/or Blog to Keep It StrongMaintaining a blog can be like owning a pet in some ways. You need to feed it and take care of it to keep it healthy and strong. A neglected blog fades away into oblivion in a short time. Companies who launch a blog to connect with their customers can’t afford to let such a useful marketing tool go to waste.

Making your blog feel alive is not a complicated task. It simply takes an increased investment of time, money and resources along with a creative strategy to get a blog running as smoothly as a new engine. You can bring new life to your company blog by employing a few proven blog building methods.

Host Live Chats

Nothing captures your target audience quite as effectively as hosting a live chat on your blog. It is the perfect time and setting to answer questions and respond to comments from customers. You can spotlight products or services, make announcements or discuss content already posted on your blog or webpage. Live chats are appealing to blog followers because it gives them a chance to let their voice be heard. If they feel like they can make a personal connection to your company through a blog chat, it will strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

Make It Fresh

Fresh and original content is the fuel that powers any healthy blog. It is essential for your blog to be plugged into the latest news and trends affecting your niche or industry. When your blog stays on top of these things, your company develops a reputation as a subject-matter expert within the industry. People will be drawn to your blog because they know can get the latest updates and they can trust the information they receive.

Engage Through Multimedia

People want to see more than text on a webpage. Blog content needs to engage more than one of the five senses. The best blogs mix in video clips, podcasts and a variety of interesting images and graphics to fully engage their followers. Creating a blog that adheres to this standard requires a ton of work behind the scenes. That’s one reason why it makes sense to hire a blog writer who not only can devote time and energy to creating blog content, but possesses the skills and experience to do it well.

Build a New Mold

Nothing kills a blog faster than stale or recycled content that can be found on dozens of other blogs. It pays to be unique and original. Focus your company blog on building a new mold rather than fitting into an old one. Fashion a content plan that gives your blog original topics or at least provides fresh angles on familiar topics. People get excited when they see or hear new things. If your blog content can stir up this type of excitement, your followers will spare no effort to share it with their friends and create positive publicity for your company and your brand.

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