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Is Your Market on Tumblr?

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If your target market is men and women aged 25 and under, then one social-media site you should consider marketing on is Tumblr. Tumblr is technically a blogging site, however it has evolved into a social media avenue for the younger crowd, primarily sharing images, videos, memes and quotes. Statistics from Pew Research show that:

  • 13% of 18- to-29-year-olds use Tumblr
  • Tumblr users divided equally between men and women
  • Tumblr tends to attract the urban and educated

Other interesting facts about Tumblr include:

  • Tumblr’s traffic is growing at a rate of 74 percent/year
  • Over 65 percent of its users have college degrees and discretionary income

According to Neil Patel, “Tumblr is the little blogging platform that could” and has revenues per visit second only to Facebook. Tumblr is currently the 28th highest traffic site per Comscore with over 47 million users.

Reaching younger buyers

With 50 percent of Tumblr’s users under the age of 25, and 65 percent of users having a college education, Tumblr offers a unique market for companies that have products and services geared toward Millennials. These up-and-coming users may not have a lot of discretionary income yet since many are currently students, but they are avid mobile users, moving into lucrative careers and are an influential part of the Internet community. For certain niches such as media, sports apparel and electronics, these Tumblr users are a primary market.

How to market on Tumblr

Tumblr has a business advertising information section which is a good starting place which includes a feed from their Sales and Branding Strategy Team called Marketr. These tools can give you an idea of what marketing looks like on Tumblr and how it differs from Facebook and other mainstream marketing on the Internet. Tumblr users spend only 12 minutes at a time on average perusing the site so most marketing techniques need to be short and sweet.

Focus on visual content

You can find freelance writers to write content for Tumblr, however written content paired with images is a better way to market here. A combination of memes, posters, diagrams, images with quotes and animated GIFs is your best bet to get your content viewed and shared.

While these types of content may seem too kitschy to be useful, with careful planning you can create a viral impact that will drive significant traffic and revenues to your website.

Benefits of marketing on Tumblr

There are several benefits of using Tumblr which many brands are not taking advantage of. These include:

  • Great content discovery via hashtags
  • Great place to test content
  • Availability of establishing microsites
  • Brand promotion

Therefore, if you are looking for a site to interact with fans, especially fans under 25, Tumblr is a wide-open opportunity that should not be missed. Since many online marketers are still ignoring Tumblr, this opportunity can put you ahead of your competitors in this unique marketplace.

Paula A is the owner of an online gallery, freelance writer specializing in marketing and business and is an avid promoter of Cleveland, Ohio.

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