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Is Content Rewriting Merely Another Method of Article Spinning?

Reflect on the similarities between content rewriting and article spinning. Both emulate original source materials. Both clone existing ideas. Both are common practices applied to the creation of Internet content. Either approach can produce worthless information.

Perhaps you disagree with these points of similarity. Perhaps you conceive a vast difference between article spinning and content writing. From within the proper prospective, you are correct. When content rewriting is performed with the right mindset, the results excel far above the deadly abyss that is article spinning.

Thus it behooves both the buyer and the writer to understand the qualities that contribute toward resourceful content rewriting. Consider the following differences between article spinning and quality content rewriting:

  • Article spinning taints the Internet community with redundant and randomly restructured information. Quality content rewriting applies a new focus to an existing idea.
  • Article spinning abuses the purposes of a thesaurus. Quality content rewriting utilizes the creative impact of a thesaurus.
  • Article spinning demands that the writer work within the framework of a pre-structured article. Quality content rewriting invites the writer to expand upon an existing content and ideas.
  • Article spinning is fundamentally machine-generated. Quality content rewriting involves the personal touch of a qualified author.
  • Article spinning clutters search results and hinders reader access to useful information. Quality content rewriting advances an idea, promotes additional information, and increases reader understanding in a given topic.

The Client’s Viewpoint

From the above list, it appears that a client should never think of content rewriting in the terms of article spinning. It is simply a matter of creative licensing. In order to create unique content, a writer must be given sufficient rights to expound on the presented idea. Excessive limitation on the writer’s freedom of content development nearly always ensures poor quality.

Yet you, as the client, have presented an article for rewrite. The article was chosen because of the concept that it specifically expresses. Now you must relay to the writer your desired goals in a manner that does not hinder the creativity that is necessary to the production of quality content that reflects the idea in a unique fashion.

Here are some tips that can prevent the waste of time and efforts:

  • Provide a link to the chosen source article.
  • Provide a link to your website.
  • Define your personal expectations for the new article.
  • Include a note that expresses the key point or points in the article that must be retained.
  • Advise the writer of any expendable components.
  • Define the zoom options.
  • Set clear standards, terms, and conditions.
  • Be flexible with word counts.
  • Clearly identify keywords.
  • Remember that restrictions hinder creativity.

Writer’s Viewpoint

Writers are easy to frustrate. When clients provide insufficient information, we struggle with what best fits the bill. In many cases the available time leaves no room for client-to-vendor communications. The following tips are my own methods for handling article cloning:

  • Read the client’s instructions three times.
  • Read the article repeatedly until I clearly understand the idea, the content, and the method of presentation.
  • Examine any zoom options.
  • Perform any additional research.
  • Write from memory, experience, and per the client’s instructions.
  • Run the finished product through a copy check application.
  • Spell and grammar check the finished product.

Simple Values

Article spinning corrupts quality. Purposeful content rewriting enhances value. Clients, give us some flexibility. Writers, hold fast to quality content and originality. If we work as one, we can provide all users with a better Internet experience.

RMHarrington R. is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. WriterAccess is powered by ideaLaunch.

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