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Introverts Make Great Writers – Here’s Why!

If you’re an introvert and love to write, you’re not alone. There’s an entire legion of freelancer writers that are excellent at their craft, even if they are too shy to speak one word.

When writing, you get to see the world from your own perspective without interruption. Here are a few other reasons why introverts are great writers:

You don’t have to speak

As an introvert, you may be intimidated by the thought of speaking in front of a group of people. As a writer, you can capture what the speaker wants and convey it without being put on the spot.

You take the time to listen

Clients love it when someone listens and gets what they are attempting to say. With an introvert, the more you listen, the more you learn.

You focus on thinking

As an introvert, you think more and talk less. You have time to organize your thoughts and put them together based on the information you have gathered. This also lets you reflect on what the client said they wanted, putting everything into perspective.

You enjoy quiet time

Quiet and alone time is comforting. You may love opportunities to be left with your thoughts and ideas. This is the time when you can really get it all out, put pen to paper, or sit down at the computer and type to your hearts content.

It’s fun!

For an introvert, writing is usually a fun way to express how you really feel. You become one with the words as they flow, and turn gibberish into written pieces of art.

Many top freelance writers are introverts, and writing is their respite from it all. In a world all their own, some of the best stories come from this bunch.

From the outside, some may feel as if they are very antisocial, but in actuality, writing is usually a source of strength and accomplishment.

Read any good books or articles lately? There’s a good chance it came from an introvert.

Allaire W is a freelance writer for WriterAccess, specializing in business, academic, legal, literary, entertainment, social media and niche marketing content.

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