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Introducing: Super Content Managers and Their Go-To Tools

WriterAccess has revolutionary tools that help content managers morph into Super Content Managers. Implementing these client features allows a single person in a growing agency who manages 50 websites each month to accomplish more in a few minutes or hours that used to take them days or even weeks. Below, you’ll get an inside look at the innovative and forward-thinking tools WriterAccess offers these content managers.

White Label Solutions

WriterAccess knows how important branding is in helping your clients reach their goals. Our white label solutions enable you to partner with your clients and facilitate deliverables through creative brief development, content approval, and more without the presence of our own branding.

Topic Finder

Staying on top of the latest trends and hottest topics in a particular industry used to mean putting in serious legwork on a daily basis. Our Topic Finder tool streamlines this process for content managers and provides you with instant access to the web’s most popular searches.

Writer Pitch Topics

Super Content Managers often don’t have time to develop topics for each of the websites they’re managing each month. That’s why WriterAccess implemented the ability for you to request topic pitches before writers get started. The detailed order form lets you make that request so you can make sure the content meets your clients’ needs before the writer begins creating.


The ability to create templates that match your clients’ recurring needs saves Super Content Managers time and streamlines the process of managing 50 websites each month. Generate ideas with our Content Planner and track customer journey stages, buyer personas, and more. Utilize our Brief Builder to quickly document pertinent information including style requirements, target audience, style, and project descriptions.

Image Library

Images bolster great content and increase retention. WriterAccess offers you free access to 700,000 high-resolution and royalty-free images from the StoryBlock library. You can also tap into the Getty Images library and search for vector art, editorial stock photos, images, and more — all royalty free and high resolution — for only $6.00 per image.

Content Analytics

The one-page convenience of our Content Analytics lets Super Content Managers view all their content on Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook. You’ll also get instant and actionable insights on each domain’s traffic, publishing frequency, clicks, keyword optimization, and more.

Keyword Analytics

WriterAccess makes keyword analytics easy with SpyFu data, performance reports, and other tools that track keyword search engine positions on a monthly basis. Use our Keyword QuickList to quickly scan the keywords that will be optimized in the content and chose those that match your clients’ needs before you send out your next round of content orders.

Take our tools and make them your own! At WriterAccess, we constantly evaluate content marketing strategies so we can offer content managers the resources they need to deliver top-notch content to their clients. Watch my Weekly Walk-throughs to learn more about the tools that are available at your fingertips. Or contact our sales team now to find out how you, too, can become a Super Content Manager!

Katie S has been writing for many years, either for academic reasons or for her own pleasure. She has been a freelance writer, concentrating on crafting concise, interesting and exciting copy for a variety of clients in many different industries, including the fields of law, medicine, sports and more. 

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