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Integrated Mobile Strategy: Because Frankly You are Going to Need One

phonesIn case you have not heard, Google will now only love you if you love mobile. You may have embraced the mobile lifestyle on a personal level, but what about making it part of your project management fundamentals? If you are not there yet, best get there fast, because, as of April, mobile-friendliness is a ranking signal.

What this means in terms of project development is websites, blogs and other online assets must be adaptive to mobile devices if you want a decent page ranking – and, we all want a decent page ranking. Now that you know you need it, it is time to figure out how to get an integrated mobile strategy.

Acceptance is the First Step

Even if you don’t want to kowtow to the Google monster, there are plenty of good reasons to offer mobile strategies to your clients. Oracle points out the most obvious one – customer engagement. A decade ago, it was just nice to have a cellphone if you could afford one, but as mobile technology evolved, these devices became more sophisticated and cost-effective. In just one year, daily web access via mobile devices jumped 300 percent.

Today, mobile usage is so high that Google responded by redesigning their algorithms to reward websites that meet that need.

Focus on Responsive Not Mobile

It boils down to creating responsive websites, more than adapting to mobile devices. If you get your team in the habit of developing responsive websites, it won’t matter whether the viewer is on the desktop Internet or mobile. Your smart design will figure it out and adapt.

A responsive website enhances the client’s online presence, as well. It’s killing two birds with one stone, as horrific as that sounds – one site is optimized for desktop searches and mobile at the same time.

Get in Sync

Customers demand real time engagement when they use mobile devices. That benefits the client, too, because it pumps up the customer service luster.

  • Real time notifications
  • Integrates social media interaction
  • Personalizes the communication options

Google is forcing your hand, so make the most of it. Offer your clients a mobile strategy that keeps them in sync with their customers.

What’s the Plan?

When you are thinking mobile, why not think small design with big features? Once you cover the basics of optimizing the website to fit on a mobile display, how do you leverage that change?

  • Mobile ads to generate leads
  • Mobile coupons
  • Local searches
  • Click to call buttons for interconnectivity
  • Customized apps, because that’s just cool

You can even integrate the mobile experience to cover operational functions for your client like customer service, sales and inventory posting. The number of ways you find to use mobile has a direct effect on ROI.

Mobile is here. It’s been here, but now it’s got Google wings. Are you going to stand around and let Google throw shade on your clients or jump on board the mobile train and offer them a strategy with more bang for their marketing buck?

Writer Bio: Darla F is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in helping agencies meet their goals by developing creative and engaging content.

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