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Instagram for Business

insta for businessIf you are working with a content marketing agency, then you should be asking them if Instagram is an appropriate social media channel for your company. Instagram is a social media site that has risen just as Millennials are entering the marketplace. And not surprisingly, Instagram is almost completely a mobile-only site. While you can view your Instagram account from your computer and make changes to your profile and settings, you can only post to Instagram from a mobile device. There have been a few workarounds that people have tried, but Instagram has consistently shut them down.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Well, that answer depends on what your business does. However, if you are trying to get a foothold into the Millennial marketplace, then you should be considering Instagram. Instagram is more popular with younger people–usage is at 41 percent among ages 16-24 and at 35 percent among 24-34

These young people are today’s young professionals, with the majority of them in college or just graduated. This demographic is just beginning their lives and there are many industries that target to them. Instagram is a great place to find them.

Instagram is Visual

Instagram is an image and video site. The most shared items are still photographs. However, like Pinterest, Instagram has a lot of room for text. Unlike Pinterest, engagement from users includes lots of comments with other users. Conversations on Instagram are commonplace and active. It is a great place to get personal with your prospects and current customers.

In order to use Instagram effectively, you need to master the ability to take interesting marketing photos, however it is pretty easy to create collages or annotated images with tools such as Canva. Canva is a free service that is quite user-friendly for creating social media images in an array of sizes. They also have an upgraded pro version for more effects. However, if you are new to Instagram, their free service is quite adequate and great to practice on.

Instagram is Fun

Part of what makes Instagram popular is that it is just plain fun to use. You can snap a picture of your team acting goofy at work and your customers will love it. These types of images show the personality behind your company, personifying it for buyers. They feel as if they are getting to know the real you because you are offering them a glimpse into the people behind the brand, or a personal connection.

So, jump in with two feet and just start kicking. If you are not sure how to use the app on your smartphone or tablet, just ask someone who is 25 or younger.

Content creationPaula A is the mom of a college graduate and a freshman in college, and covering up the gray with lots of colorful highlights.


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