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Improve Your ROI from Your Landing Pages

landing pagesLanding pages are one of the most used marketing ideas for small business. Companies typically use a landing page to capture conversions from PPC ads, content marketing or social media marketing channels. However, the most important function of the landing page is to generate a conversion–lead, click or sale. If you feel that your landing pages are not giving you the conversion ROI that you expect, you may be able to tweak them by answering the following three questions.

#1 How Much Information Does Your Customer Really Need?

One problem with landing pages is that they offer the reader too much information. This is doubly true when it comes to mobile landing pages. When plotting the configuration of your landing pages, are you adding too much?

The easier to read and clearer that you can make a landing page concept, the better off you are. You should simplify the page as much as possible ensuring that you remove any distractions that take away from your main message. A landing page needs to focus on sending the reader through to the CTA to convert. You can dazzle them with more details after they have made the decision to convert.

#2 Can Your Prospects Understand Your Offer No Matter Where They Have Come From?

Typically, prospects reach a landing page from a number of locations. They can come from PPC ads, content marketing, social media marketing or other channels, therefore your message needs to be completely clear on the landing page. Since people tend to forget what the offer on the previous page was, remember to repeat the offer again on the landing page in a headline and add a crystal clear description of the offer.

#3 Have You Closed any Loopholes that Make Your CTA Less Compelling?

Having a powerful CTA is not just about the graphics. You also need to make a compelling argument throughout the landing page. You want to eliminate conversion leaks so that the prospect is comfortable taking the next step by the time they reach the CTA.

To help make prospects comfortable, you can add social proof, offer testimonials from previous customers or add logos of companies that have been involved in the past. Any of these methods will help a prospect relax and give you their trust.

Ultimately, your landing page must include these elements:

  • Relevance
  • Value
  • CTA

If you can answer these three questions, and include the listed elements, then your landing page is in tip-top shape.

Paula A is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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