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Identifying the Elements of Quality Content

todoGoogle explains that the most important part of creating a “Google-friendly site” is including quality content. Therefore, this component should be an extremely important part of your whole SEO strategy. To achieve this high level of quality in your content, find professional writers for hire who have expertise in the writing field. To further your site’s optimization, your writer should be focusing on the following elements:

What to Avoid

Part of creating quality content is steering clear of certain elements. Writing that’s not in the writer’s native language instantly reveals itself as poorly written content that is unprofessional and difficult to read. Remember that saving money by outsourcing writing can harm your company’s optimization. In the same vein, using a lot of awkward keywords, such as “heating cooling Vancouver,” leads to a piece that seems like it was written by a foreigner. Instead, allow your writer to use stop words such as in or and.

Does your content contain keyword stuffing or repetitive language? Take that out and make each piece as clear and concise as possible. Definitely avoid duplicate content because that will really hurt your site.

Also, consider your message. Does every page on your website and every social media post ask your customer to buy from you? If so, you need to reconsider your strategy. Your content should be providing the reader with more value than constant advertisements. But for the parts of your site where you do want to focus on selling, make sure that your page offers unique language and selling points from the other sites that are offering the same products or services.

What to Include

First of all, your content should be well-written by an experienced writer. It should contain correct spelling and grammar, and the structure of each piece should flow in a way that makes sense and is easy to read. Using headings helps create a piece that is simple to scan and that flows from one aspect of a topic to another.

Quality content should provide searchers with helpful and intriguing information. You want them to like your site, to keep reading once they start, to share your content and to come back for more. Whether your article reaches them because it tugs their heart-strings or because it answers a question burning in their minds, you win either way. It also helps your SEO efforts if your website doesn’t say exactly the same thing as every other site. So take a unique approach — find a spin or focus on a unique aspect.

Understand your searchers. For example, when someone is searching for dentists in their local city, they probably want to find general information on area dentists they can visit. But if that person performs a query for a specific dental procedure, she probably wants more detailed and extensive information.

As an added benefit, other people will want to share quality content, which will boost your SEO results through external linking and social media shares.

Sharon T is a freelance writer who enjoys Internet marketing. She focuses on creating quality content that is well-written and engaging.

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