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Ideation and The Value of Freelancing Talent

It is not a great secret that shoppers use their smart devices in the isles of stores to research products they want to buy. Ideation – the act of generating viable ideas – becomes a tool that helps physical businesses convert isle shoppers into customers. Inside this blog, we chat about the dynamic role that freelance talent plays in helping businesses of all types fill in the gaps within their content libraries. In so doing, a freelancer may be the very tool that bumps up #conversions.

The Concept of Search 

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) occur when someone has a problem they are trying to solve by searching the internet for solutions. The links, sites, blogs, articles, that appear in that SERP do so due to keywords, keyword phrases, geographic tags, and some other bits that search engines like Google keep secret. So, how does ideation help you? Follow the sequence as we discuss the importance of what it means to you.

The sequence works something like this.

  1. Someone has a problem they need to solve
  2. That someone turns to the internet to find possible solutions to that problem.
  3. The searcher queries based on keywords which the search engines recognize and collate options that match
  4. The searcher reviews some of the SERP based on titles and meta descriptions and then chooses which options might work for them.
  5. They open the content and decide whether or not that information is what they need or not.
  6. They stay, or they leave the content
  7. If they remain, they may want en-depth information, or they may wish to visit the store in person.
  8. They commit to something – giving an email, giving their phone number, making a purchase, etc.
  9. They buy or move onto another potential solution.

#s 1-4 – Someone has a Problem They Need to Solve, and They Use the Internet

Your #contentlibrary is full of titles and keywords, but do they match what people who need your product or service type into a search box on Google? Ideation helps by producing a broad range of topics around your keywords and by opening up doors to new keywords that might better fit the potential searcher for your products or services. A quality freelance writer or content strategist will help by producing quality titles, subtitles, and keyword phrases that fit your topic.

At this stage, the searcher is primarily using the title or meta description to determine if the link is worthy of their time. Ideation works to produce several titles and topics that fit a specific product, but it also works in reverse. Ideation can create keywords, titles, and topics that fit the potential buyer, rather than the product. It works by asking questions that revolve around what a person looking for that product or service might need. By working both directions, you create potential titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and keyword phrases that resonate with a wide range of people who need your products or services.

#s 5-9 – The Hit, the Miss, the Ones That Get Away, and the Hook. 

Titles and meta descriptions are uberly valuable. They enlighten a SERP reader so that they can make an informed decision about which links to click on the SERP. Ideation plays a critical role in producing quality titles – bait – for the searcher. You are trying to lure them into the content where the written magic does its job or fails. The missed strike occurs when a searcher either passes by title, finds fault with your meta description, or clicks your link and decides (quickly) this is not for them. All three of those problems boil down to a few issues. Mainly we are talking about poor title constructions, Titles that sound too “fishy,” or content that does not match the keyword or idea behind the keywords. These are all lost opportunities and lost before they even got started with your content.

The hook – a conversion of some nature – occurs when your title and meta descriptions “attracts” the searcher to your content. They open your blog or article or visit your site. From this point, the bulk of the chores to get them to buy is all about quality content. It is ideation that has gotten them this far. Sadly, many site owners do not understand the value of ideation and the way it works to lure potential searchers into biting the bait.

How many got away today? Learn more about how to fix existing content or #designnewcontent that reels them in hook, line, and sinker by reaching out to WriterAccess and exploring the body of talent available to help your content succeed.



David S. is an experienced writer with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses. He primarily creates SEO and marketing content for regular clients. He writes for web page designers, marketing companies, outdoor living clients, and pest control companies. His private clients include homestead/prepper magazines, marketing agencies, pest control companies, healthcare affiliates, outdoor living and construction companies, and gardening/nursery companies.

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