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I “Something Other Than Like” That!

somethingotherthanlikeWhat is the one subject that is sure to cause division among Facebook users? Is it gun control, prayer in schools, government spending, or Cecil the Lion? Nope—It is the concept of the “dislike” button. Since Facebook has a way to “like” posts, pictures, articles from freelance writer sites and statuses, it only makes sense that there should be a way to dislike them too, right?

The main argument for a dislike button is that we need something to click when someone’s dog dies, and we do not have the words at the ready to compose a friendly, sympathetic comment. In actuality, if it were implemented, the dislike button would be used when someone posts the 15th selfie of themselves at the gym or yet another picture of his or her Caesar salad. Even worse, it could make someone feel bad if it was used on a photo he or she liked. The propensity to be used for bullying is likely the reason a simple dislike feature has not already been implemented.

Recently, news has surfaced that Facebook would be debuting a “something other than like” button. While the exact scope of the button has not yet been revealed, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the company is working on one. The key, according to Zuckerberg, is to create something that will not make for rampant negativity, but will allow people to express “non-liking” feelings on a post.

It is important to realize how big of an impact “liking” has on the post itself. The more a post is liked and commented on, the more likely it is to show up towards the top of other Facebook user’s feeds. So, giving Facebook users the chance to do something besides like is a natural progression of the Facebook way of doing things.

Only time will tell what the result of this change is. Chances are it will not be an actual dislike button, so don’t get too excited about the opportunity to show your feelings about that one friend who posts 37 baby pictures every single day (and her baby is 6… and a dog). However, if it is done well, the “something other than like” option could prove a great way for you to express your feelings lazily when someone posts important, yet not likeworthy news on Facebook. As a bonus, you will help improve the newsfeed algorithm!


tracy szwec writerTracy S is an experienced writer specializing in construction and real estate topics. In her spare time, she enjoys playing pool and eating breakfast sandwiches.


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