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I Don’t Know You Anymore!


“I feel like we’re drifting apart.”

Everyone has heard this line thrown around between feuding couples, but it’s not limited to lover’s spats. Freelance writers and their clients sometimes drift apart, too. After so many orders, it’s easy for a writer to become complacent and submit acceptable work rather than impressive work. On the client’s side of the fence, things are always evolving. Business owners are so immersed in what they do that they may not even realize that their goals, target demographics and other factors are starting to shift.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with a writer, don’t let that relationship lose its luster. Maybe your writer is a little too comfortable, or maybe he or she is unaware of the changes within your company. Either way, it’s a wise idea to review your goals and strategies with your writer before the relationship sours completely. Sometimes a gentle nudge in the right direction is enough to get everyone back on the same page.

Shifting Demographics

Perhaps your content marketing strategy was once targeted solely at plant managers, but now you’re including property managers, hospital administrators and a whole host of other VIPs. Or maybe where you once targeted college kids, your focus is narrowing to a more hipstery subset of that demographic.

Whatever the case may be, clue your writer in. It may not seem like earth-shattering news to you, but these subtle shifts will change how a professional content writer approaches your assignments. So send out those new personas if you have them. If all else fails, a simple list of the people you’d like to attract will do.

Where are You Publishing?

Sometimes what starts as a gig for a few posts to your company’s blog per month turns into something more. Suppose you’ve decided to flex your content marketing muscle with some guest posts in your industry’s leading blogs or trade publications. Make sure to update your writer with links to these publications. A good freelancer realizes that no two websites have the same audience, so he or she will scout ahead to get the lay of the land before starting on your assignment.

What Else are You Hiding?

Don’t worry, we won’t get mad! If you’re secretly admiring someone else’s blog, or there are a few new sources that you really like, share the links. These resources will help your writer understand how your tastes are changing. Updated “About” pages, mission statements, company values and other pertinent documents are helpful, too. These things help your writer understand your brand, and they shed some light on your company’s culture. Writers use these invaluable tidbits to zero in on your company’s voice.

It’s not unusual for writers and clients to drift apart with time, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Rather than letting that awesome writer slip away, reel them back in with updated instructions and information. Just keep in mind that if repeated attempts to close the rift between you and your writer fail, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be after all.

Whether it’s home improvement, commercial construction or another topic, Amber K enjoys discovering the unique voices of each of her clients.

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Freelancer Amber K

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