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Hyperlocal Content Hits Home for Real Estate Bloggers


Sometimes it feels like you need a personal assistant to keep up with Google’s updates in order to stay on top of the SEO game. The most recent changes favor high quality, informative content over repetitious keywords. How can real estate blog writers still get their local keywords in without being repetitive and provide something useful to buyers? Hyperlocal content is the key.

What is Hyperlocal Content?

While local content talks about a city or general area, hyperlocal content drills down even further by focusing on individual neighborhoods within a city, sometimes an area as small as a few city blocks. For real estate blog writers this means taking a street-level view of the neighborhood you’re writing about and telling its story from the inside out. The idea is to help home buyers see what it’s like to be someone who lives there by taking them on a tour, one piece of content at a time.

How to Write About Hyperlocal Content

Creating hyperlocal content can be super simple if you break it down into easy-to-find categories:

  • Places to Eat & Drink. Writing up an overview of the new Mexican restaurant or a roundup of the three Chinese restaurants that deliver can provide dozens of posts for your neighborhood. Websites that show reviews from customers (Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor) can help you get an idea of which places the locals really like and which dishes and drinks they’re enjoying.
  • Current Events. Subscribing to the neighborhood newsletter and checking on park district websites will give you an idea of what’s going on in the area. Will there be a block party over labor day weekend? Will the bank be handing out their customary lollipops during the Independence Day parade?
  • School News. Has the high school football team captured the state title? Has a student from the elementary school won the national spelling bee? Will a local teacher be given national recognition? This is also a great place to bring in a few words about the excellent schools in your neighborhood — something most home buyers want to know about.
  • Local Economy. While the national economy has its ups and downs, how is the local neighborhood doing? Is it booming? Does the local chamber of commerce foster a welcoming environment for small business owners? Do they promote shopping local? Show readers why this neighborhood is a great place to live and work.

Natural SEO Gold

What makes hyperlocal content so perfect for real estate blogs is that it is naturally rich in just the right keywords while still being fresh, unique, and a source of real information that will attract the right audience. Your local keywords will slide in as smooth as silk to give you a boost with Google and help your readers get great information.

You’ll also notice that once you get rolling, hyperlocal content is a never-ending well of material: there’s always a new restaurant opening, a seasonal festival approaching, or a bit of local news that can be covered. You’ll never run out of blog topics!

Unable to commit to a single career, Robin K turned to writing as a way to be a part of everything she loves. Her favorite industries to write about are real estate, marketing, and green living. She enjoys long walks, Oxford commas, and hot coffee.

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