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How Writing Is Not All That Different From Dressing Up for Halloween

Halloween WritingWriting is not all that different from acting, or say, dressing up for Halloween. Depending on the assignment, you may need to put on any number of different hats. One day you may need to write the content for a medical practice, and within a few hours turn around to write about how composting food scraps will save the world. There is a seemingly endless spectrum of personas you must fully engage with as a writer, which can be a lot of fun if you let your imagination get into the act.

Dressing Up Everyday Without the Costume

When I first started earning money writing, I never expected to be surprised by the different personas I would need to create, or proverbial hats I would have to try on. I have always wondered how actors and actresses immerse themselves in a character, and then switch to another so effortlessly. Writing – whether it’s for scientific journals or web content — is a similar process. Like an aloof child dressing up as Dracula or Princess Anastasia for Halloween, we take on a persona, portray it to the best of our ability, and then shed it only to move on to the next one. This sort of detachment is what makes the job so great. Writers get to dress up for Halloween everyday, except they don’t have to bother with the whole costume thing…or even going out in public, for that matter.

Trying On New Hats

Personally, I have written on everything from portable toilets to currency exchanges. With each new assignment I must engage the reader as if I’ve been in the industry 30 years, not 30 minutes. This is something that you definitely need to have a knack for, otherwise you will come across as transparent as the costume you were supposed to wear.

Some people do not seem to understand how writers can become experts on a given topic in such a short amount of time, much the same way actors play so many different characters convincingly. It is all about conviction. When you take on different personas and then write about it for a living, you get accustomed to acting as if you belong in the world you just entered. Doing so with conviction becomes fun – like dressing up for Halloween. You get to create a new character to play for each new assignment — letting your imagination run wild. The more assignments you take on, the more you get to explore that side of yourself.


I am a firm believer that jobs only get more fun with the involvement of your imagination. Whether you plan on sticking with a blog post writing service, or wish to broaden your writing endeavors, keep in mind that you may not like every assignment. It is only natural that you like some more than others. After all, as a kid, could you have honestly said you liked each year’s Halloween costume the same?

Jamison H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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