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How Working With a Small Team Benefits Your Content Projects


Managing a great content campaign is a very powerful marketing tool. However, choosing the right freelance writers to help you accomplish this can feel like a difficult task. It can especially feel difficult if you have a large selection of writers to choose from. That is why it is beneficial for some business owners to create a small efficient team of writers to work with on a continual basis.

How to Assemble Your Team

Although, at first, it may take a little extra time to select your team of freelance writers, in the end, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy. It will be helpful to choose team members that have similar strengths and experience and who have a proven record of consistent content delivery. Reviewing writers’ profiles and the feedback they’ve received from other clients will be helpful in determining what kind of writer you are working with.

Keep It Small

The idea of having lots of writers to choose from on each project may seem appealing at first but, in the long run, having too many writers at your disposal can actually slow you down and complicate your content projects. When you work primarily with a small group of writers who are very familiar with your content needs and objectives, you decrease the time needed to be constantly bringing a new writer up to speed. It is also difficult to keep track of who each writer is when you are working in a remote or cloud environment. Because you do not have the luxury of seeing your writers on a regular basis, you may not remember who they are or be able to remember important details about their writing styles, strengths, and weaknesses. With a smaller group of freelance writers, you can keep better track of who is best at what.

Writers Like Being Singled Out

Freelance writers love to know that they have been chosen to be part of a small, elite group for a certain client. When a writer senses that they are being depended on in this way, they quickly develop a sense of loyalty to you and your projects. This does nothing but benefit you. One of the challenges of using freelance writers for your content marketing is that these individuals are not really a part of your business team and therefore may not feel the same kind of loyalty and passion for your message that you feel. However, when you make it clear that these writers are part of a small, crucial team, they can more easily attach themselves to your projects. They feel as if, in a small way, they are a part of your bigger marketing team and they want to do it justice.

Take the time to carefully hand pick a few writers you can stick with for a while, who mesh well together, and then make sure they know how important they are. These simple steps will increase your chances of generating great content in the future.

Sarah R is a freelance author, content writer and home educator. When she’s not creating great content for her clients she’s chasing down her hyper children and imparting knowledge to them. 

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