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How to Transform Your Agency Into a Content Marketing Machine

Content marketing is here to stay. Consumers crave quality content that helps them get through their daily life one Google search at a time. Recent research has found that 75% of B2B companies have a content marketing strategy, even if only 37% have documented that plan. But how do you keep up with your agency’s content needs to rock your clients’ marketing needs? Here’s a quick look at some tips to help you change your agency into a content marketing rock star.

How to Transform Your Agency Into a Content Marketing Machine

  • Have a plan: As was mentioned above, less than half of the companies who are integrating a content marketing strategy actually have a plan with which to navigate. With 83% of marketers equating content marketing with increased revenues, it’s important to use content marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw money at the problem. Take a little time to develop a solid content marketing strategy to improve your outcomes.
  • Don’t skimp: Yes, you could absolutely get a 500-word blog post for $1 from someone in a developing country. You’ll also probably get poor grammar, references that don’t make sense and gobs of plagiarism. If you want to provide high-quality content for your customers that will help them improve their SEO rankings, you’re going to need to pay a little for it. Generally speaking, high-quality writing or graphics design will cost more but will drive much better rankings because of the talent’s knowledge of your client’s market.
  • Outsource, outsource, outsource: Increasingly skilled talent is needed, with 52% of businesses being concerned about finding the talent they need with the skills required to get the job done. But you don’t need to limit your outsourcing to your content development team. If your agency is a smaller shop, you may want to consider outsourcing a lot of your back-office tasks, such as accounting, legal, administrative and similar aspects so that your marketing rock stars can focus on what they do best — cranking out strategies and coordinating content.
  • Get a full case of talent: Not that long ago, you could have a couple people work virtually any topic needed by your clients. But with the increasing demand for high-quality content and knowledgeable talent, it’s not uncommon to need a wide range of writers, graphics artists or other experts to get the content you need. When you outsource, you can work with a wide range of talent without having to worry about hiring and paying benefits for each individual content rock star.

By keeping these fabulous tips in mind, you can ensure that your agency can produce the phenomenal content your clients demand without the late nights and high stress levels otherwise involved. But where do you find the content you need to get the job done without resorting to poor-quality Copyscape-pinging junk? If you need help creating high-quality content without breaking the bank, WriterAccess is here to help. Please feel free to reach out to our content development team and discover what kind of content marketing machine your agency can be today!

Cathleen V loves writing dynamic content from the front porch of her family’s sheep farm in southwest Missouri. She believes in taking the time to do extensive research on her clients to create content that is a perfect match to each client’s needs the first time, every time. When she’s not writing or chasing sheep, she’s in the studio creating beautiful glass and fiber artwork, and also volunteers in a range of emergency response roles in the community.

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