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How to Teleport a Technology Writer

Have you ever noticed how finding freelance technology writers is a lot like understanding that black monolith that floats through the storyline in Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey? It’s difficult, but not impossible; after the second or third viewing of 2001, you might conclude the black monolith is the catalyst for evolution or mankind’s fear of the unknown, and after you tap into a couple of content writing services, chances are you’ll find that elusive tech writer, too.

The question, however, is why is it so difficult to find technology writers. Most everyone loves modern gadgets and devices, and writers are no exception, especially if they’re making a living writing web content. However, despite ubiquitous iPhones, tablets, and gaming systems, the nuts and bolts of how these gadgets work is something else entirely. From social media and cloud computing to software and coding, you might think that a writer who spends his or her days plugged into The Mainframe would know how every platform and level of that mainframe operates, but this is not the case at all. So how do you teleport a technology writer to work on your project?

Tech Speak and Mind Bending Jargon

Many writers shy away from picking up technology articles because of the mind bending jargon. Tech speak creates a lack of confidence in many writers, and this lack of confidence makes it easy for writers to boycott working on all technology articles. There are numerous writers out there who are competent and knowledgeable about technology, but they lack the confidence to take the job. In other words, unless you’re expecting the haute couture of tech articles (and maybe you want a blog that’s akin to a Wired or 21st Century cover story) take the extraneous jargon out of the instructions and replace it with layman’s terms; if not, you run the risk of having your order languish in the queue for an eternity. When you speak tech speak to a writer, you may as well be speaking in tongues.

There’s a Starman Waiting in the Clouds

Of course, there’s another reason many writers avoid technology articles. They can be dry, tedious, and repetitive to write, and when you couple that with spools of hi-tech and confusing terminology, many writers would rather watch paint dry that tackle a tech assignment. Instead of taking a nuts and bolts, workmanlike approach to your technology order, why not post the order with more emphasis on creativity and flair? Writers might be more willing to pick up the assignment, and readers, depending on the audience, might be more enthusiastic to read something like the following:

2001: A Space Odyssey: 5 Reasons Why the Black Monolith IS Technology


There’s a Starman Waiting in the Clouds: What Cloud Computing Can Do for You

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