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How to Spot True Genius in Content Writing

Adding content regularly to a website is a key part of maintaining your search engine ranking. However, not all businesses have the time or skill to make that happen. Enter the freelance writer. These talented minds pick up the slack by supplying a never-ending flow of words. The problem is, calling yourself a freelance writer doesn’t necessarily make you a good one. How does a business find the best content writer for their needs?

Don’t Sacrifice for Expertise

Dry, chalky writing, even if it is expert, does little to draw in new leads. You are hiring someone because you want flair and panache. You want talent, not just a person to construct reasonable sentences. With any luck, you get the whole package; personality, finesse and expertise, but given the choice, go with the writer who can craft an interesting story.

Don’t Settle for Tamales

Some storytellers are stuck with a certain style. That is like hiring a chef for an Italian restaurant that can’t cook anything but tamales. A gifted freelance content writer is able to conform to your needs. The content reflects on the business, so should the flavor of the writing. Look for a person who is able to give you what you want whether it is SEO-rich style, technical writing or just casual information that flows.

Everyone’s an Expert

Freelance writers spend a good portion of their day doing research. It is a critical skill. A professional knows the difference between a junk page and one that backs their facts with expertise. The mainstream search engines will down grade sites that fail to provide authoritative references. Pick a writer that offers fitting sources without making you beg for them.

Get the Real Deal

Writing is a craft. Ultimately, the person you choose must master it. Poor grammar and limited vocabulary fosters less than stellar content. It is not hard to spot real talent when you are looking for it.

  • Review Samples – Professional writers expect you to ask for sample material, so that is the place to start in your search. Quality writing will stand out right away. If the samples are below par, no need to go further.
  • Look For Professional Formatting – Talented writers know that formatting matters for content. Subheadings, bullet points, short paragraphs – these are all signs of a veteran. Chunky phrasing and thick paragraphs mean novice.
  • Distinctive Style – Content that mirrors every other article on the subject is not distinctive. Look for a writer that brings uniqueness to the table. Pay for the first article and then check it thoroughly for plagiarism. Paste a few sentences into Google and see if the same words pop up anywhere else. Borrowing someone else’s words is the opposite of professionalism.

Finding the person to tell your story is a process. Take the time to consider several different freelancers to weed out the posers. This way, you build a pool of talented minds to keep the words flowing in your virtual world.

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