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How to Slap a Value on Your Web Content

Value Web Content

Basquiat, Pollock, Hockney, Marshall, and Rothko works of art were sold for more than $100 million recently at Sotheby’s. At that very same auction, there was a record setting sale of Amedeo Modigliani’s nude “Nu couche” for $157.2 million. In total, attendees shelled out $1 billion clams for contemporary artwork. The art experts say value has to do with what consumers feel pieces of art are worth.

I think it’s more like they’ll value the art to as much money as they can get away with. How much the suckers, I mean shoppers, are willing to pay. I bet there is some guy sitting in a cubicle in some office somewhere who draws the official valuation out of a bag of dice. “Four, three, seven…rounding it up to an even number and we have a fair market value $440 million on this Dali.”

Value of Web Content

Nudes on canvas, framed photography, blog posts, articles…all of these are examples of creative expression. These works have a value that either the creator or customer decides on. But what about online art? How do we set a value for all of our web content, articles, blogs, and press releases? On the internet, determining value involves a whole slew of new tools. This ranges from customer interaction to the simple value of the message itself. Simple processes of grammar, spelling, and structure play an important role in making content valuable.

Today content is valued in a rudimentary manner. If your content gets you customers, it’s worth the money and time invested in it. I imagine one day we will have content periods that correlate with the expressions of that time. Perhaps the rudimentary period will be followed by a revolutionary content era, and that by a time of conservative content. One day our children’s grandchildren will be studying the great works of content by web writers working today.

Meanwhile, the way we know web content is worth its weight in internet gold, which is traded among digital leprechauns in memes and hashtags, is how sticky and bouncy it is. This content will have certain characteristics that tell you, “This, my friend, is the good stuff.”

Getting Bouncy

For starters, your content will feature a low bounce rate. The bounce rate is the number of web users who visit your web content only to leave faster than a flea onto a better meal. You do not want users to bounce away from your content. Thus, a low bounce rate indicates higher valued content.

Lock and Load

Next up, your engagement rate. How many times have readers felt moved so passionately by your content that they took the time to leave a comment? Each time someone pauses to put in their two cent’s worth, that is value-packed goodness. The rate of engagement is a direct indicator of how well your content is being received.

Now, if your readers are leaving comments like death threats and complete rewrites, then you might be in a little bit of hot water. This is a sign that your content is a little too fiery and dangerous. Back off a bit and take five. Then come back and take your readers’ opinions to heart. I mean, yes, controversial content can make your website go viral but your brand might be tarnished in the process. Rule of thumb: keep it positive and beneficial to your readers if you want them to engage the right way.

Hiring a Pro Writer

If you are weak at the fingers and feeling like your content is less than stellar, then you need to call in the big dogs. A professional web content writer has been around the block. They get it. They know how to write. They understand the ins and outs of the value of content. Most importantly, they’ll put these skills together to create content that will be professional looking and sounding. Instead of trying to save face and avoid getting hunt down by the grammar hounds, put the pen in a pro’s hands. After all, this is what professional writers do every single day.

Just as people spend gobsmacking amounts of money on Rothkos and Pollocks…hold that thought. Have you looked at a Rothko or a Pollock? One painted large solid colored squares. The other splashed paint on a canvas in a sporadic flick of the wrist. Remember when I told you there’s some dude sitting in a cubicle drawing out the dice to put a price tag on art? When the truth is revealed, just remember, you heard it here first.

Back to those paintings.

One thing those artists have in common is a dedication to their craft, a passion for their work. This is what you’ll get when you hire an expert content writer, someone who is passionate about the written word and dedicated to creating top rated web content.

Miranda B has worked for a leading truck driver job recruiting firm as a web content writer. She has written more than 500,000 words for various truck driving job recruitment sites. Miranda works closely with the client’s publishing team with weekly conference calls in order to produce sticky and knowledge-rich content for their sites. 

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