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How to Overcome The 4 Major Content Management Problems

How to Overcome The 4 Major Content Management Problems

In a very short time the use of content in a marketing context has gone from an intriguing idea to an absolute necessity for many businesses and agencies.

Great content drives traffic to websites, improves search rankings, burnishes brand credentials and leads to more conversions.

Managing your content efficiently and effectively, however, often presents a challenge.

Organizations desiring to get the most out value from their content need to avoid common management errors that undermine its impact.

With that in mind, let’s review four major content management issues that plague businesses and agencies.

Inconsistent Content Flow

It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution when it comes to content production.

If you’re developing a website but don’t have the content queued up and ready to go, it creates an efficiency-killing bottleneck.

If you’re producing high-quality marketing content — but you can’t maintain a steady, predictable pace for your audience — you’re likely to lose their attention.

Lack of Editorial Control

Great content delights and informs the reader. It’s also conveyed in a professional manner using a clear and consistent voice that aligns with the brand.

Hitting all of these targets is often a tall order, especially if your organization lacks firm editorial oversight over the content management process.

Strong editorial control minimizes mistakes and maximizes the impact of your content.

Dispersed Information

One of the primary goals of good content management is the elimination of errors, duplicated work and general confusion or uncertainty.

Maintaining a central location for storage of all relevant information is critical in this regard, as it ensures everyone has access to necessary data.

Failing to Work Collaboratively

Modern Content Management Systems have allowed companies to decentralize content production.

A multiplicity of voices, in theory, means broader perspectives and more content.

In reality, not everyone is equally well-versed in the fundamentals of creating and managing content.

By promoting a spirit of collaboration, businesses can ensure that quality is maintained and shared organizational goals are pursued.

The Takeaway

While it’s hard to understate the value of great content, it’s easy to underestimate the challenge of managing that content.

By sidestepping the four content management problems listed above, businesses and agencies can rack up wins consistently.

Chris C is a top WriterAccess freelance journalist who has contributed to Forbes, The Financial Times and more.

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