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How to Motivate Your Writer to Greatness

How to Motivate Your Writer

The life of a freelance writer is often one of isolation. We frequently work from home offices, with nothing but our pets and/or children to keep us company throughout the day. Therefore, motivation can be lacking with no one around to bounce around ideas or to congratulate us for our brilliant efforts in creating engaging, entertaining content pertaining to a boring, straight-forward topic. Thankfully, by doing the following, you can successfully motivate your writer to greatness:

Motivation & Appreciation Go Hand-in-Hand

The following are some scientific stats that prove the correlation between appreciation and motivation for you look over:

A Glassdoor Study discovered the following stats pertaining to appreciation and employee motivation:

  • Some 80% of employees surveyed said they are willing to work harder when their boss or employer is appreciative of their efforts. Pay attention to “willing to work harder.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is the motivation!
  • Another 70% of survey participants said they feel better about their selves if their employer or boss thanks them regularly.

Be Appreciative, And Show it

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

This quote is applicable, no matter the context, be it a traditional job or a freelance variety. Everyone wants to know their efforts are not in vain and their work is appreciated. It’s simply human nature. When you consider the fact that writers are often alone, showing appreciation becomes that much more important.

Admittedly, communicating with someone only via computer screen or messaging system can make you feel disconnected. Therefore, it does take some effort on your part to show your writer how much you truly do appreciate their efforts in molding your passions and ideas into words on a page.

Actionable Ways to Show Appreciation

Let’s assume you get the correlation between appreciation and motivation and want to show the appreciation. How do you show your writer, who you only interact with using a message system, that you do, in fact, appreciate their efforts? Try out a few of these tips:

  • Tell Them: Though this might seem a small gesture, simply telling them you appreciate their efforts can go a long way in keeping your writer’s spirits up and motivating them to give your content their very best effort. A simple, “thank you so much for the extra effort you put into this piece. I appreciate the links, the extra research you obviously did, the timely way you completed the assignment, etc.” Nothing dramatic or drawn out, just “Thank you.”
  • Pay Them: Let’s face it, money talks! If you really want to show your writer appreciation, then give them a little bonus along with the regular order payment or increase the pay rate for the next order. Show them that their work is valuable to you. Writers understand you have a budget to stay within as well. Thankfully, a small bonus can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount to let your writer know they are appreciated.
  • Give Them Credit: In the world of ghostwriting, sometimes the most sincere way you can show appreciation to your writer is to give them credit for their own work. If you can credit them on your site, or wherever their content is published, this is a substantial benefit to a writer. Let them know they can use their work as part of their portfolio as well. When a writer ghostwrites, they often have no work they can share since everything they have written has been purchased by a client and is no longer available for them to use. Therefore, simply letting them take credit for the content they write is a huge sign of appreciation and will go a long way in motivating your writer.
  • Be Loyal: If you can provide them with consistent work, be loyal and give them first dips at jobs. This is a great way to show appreciation and ensure motivation. Fighting for jobs is tough, so giving them jobs without them having to compete with others is a substantial benefit.

Thankfully, Our Writers Are Already Motivated 

The writers you will encounter here at WriterAccess are most certainly the best of the best. They are professionals who take composing your content very seriously. Therefore, even when they are not “motivated” or “appreciated” by clients, they will still, in all likelihood, produce high-quality content for you that you will look forward to utilizing. However, since all of humankind gets down and out and somewhat disheartened from time-to-time, why not try some of these appreciation tactics to motivate your writer to greatness? After all, you have nothing to lose but could gain a more motivated, loyal writer who will remain steadfastly devoted to your projects from here on out.



Brandie Ps career as a freelance writer spans several years and encompasses an abundance of niche specialties. Before beginning her writing career, she was an office manager and worked in the medical field. Her experience in these two fields have come in handy when writing topics pertaining to these fields.

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