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How to Motivate Freelance Content Writers to Create Great Work

Content writers are great self-motivators.

The independent nature of a freelance content writer requires them to push themselves to produce their best work every time.

However, there are still actions you can take to motivate your writers above and beyond what they are able to do on their own. If you’re looking to step up the quality of your content writing, start by inspiring your writers in these ways.

Demonstrate Passion

Passion is contagious.

If you demonstrate that you yourself are passionate about the topic, the project, and your business, your freelance content writer will be more likely to get excited about the project.

Always try to show that the project really means something to you in both your project description and your communications with your writer. If you do, it’ll mean more to your writer as well.

Provide Feedback

Positive feedback and constructive criticism are both powerful motivators.

If your writer knocks it out of the park, let them know how happy you are with their work. By the same token, if something isn’t quite living up to your expectations, be sure to carefully and constructively explain what the writer should do differently.

Like anyone else, content writers are fueled by positive feedback and learn by constructive criticism. Being generous with both when they are appropriate is a great way to keep your writers on track and fully motivated to create great work.

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Since John A was a child, writing has been his passion. Through years of exploring this passion, wielding the powers of the written word has become something that he has come to excel at. To date, he has published four science-fiction novels, works full-time as a professional copywriter, and has risen to be one of the most well-reviewed freelance writers across a variety of online platforms.

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