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How to Monetize Your Niche

168359482The world is full of great writers. Unfortunately, many of these writers either don’t know how great they are, or they don’t understand just how valuable their talents are. What these writers don’t understand is that there’s a way for them to use their talents to make money.

It’s common for people to believe that freelance writing is all about scouring the Web for freelance writing jobs and supplying businesses with an endless stream of marketing copy. But there’s much more to freelancing than simply doing marketing work for others. Within the world of freelancing, there’s room for everyone to create their own niche and use it to create a stream of revenue.

So… What Do You Do?

If you can write well, there’s a unique space in the marketplace for you. You just have to figure out what area fits you best.

The key to discovering your niche is simply understanding which parts of writing you like best. For instance, if you’re a fiction writer and you enjoy developing characters, that’s an area in which you can be very helpful to others. Just the same, a non-fiction writer who’s well-versed in generating great subject lines for marketing copy can use that knowledge to his or her advantage. There’s no area that’s too small to be a specialty. But it’s up to you to identify these areas where you excel and where there’s a need for your expertise.

Building Your Brand

Content marketing is a big deal in the corporate world because it makes more sense than any other form of marketing. In content marketing, you create materials that educate the reader, giving that reader a reason to care about your niche. Then, when it’s time for the reader to make a purchase, they’ll choose your brand because the familiarity is already there.

It’s not a stretch to apply this to the writing world. In fact, this model is already used by both fiction and non-fiction writers. Professional writers, including those who write fiction, have websites, blogs and email newsletters that go along with their work. This content isn’t their actual writing; instead, it’s supplementary information that talks about the process of writing. A copywriter might write about approaching clients or handling certain types of requests, while a novelist might discuss query letters or the best ways to publish their books.

Making Money

Providing these resources will do a lot of good for those who read it. But how does money come into play?

For starters, your efforts will lead to an increase in the awareness of your work. This will make people more inclined to read your writing, including content they will have to pay to read. You may not always be able to quantify this, but the reality is that having an online presence is always better than not having one.

The real money, though, is in the products you can sell that relate to the content you produce. Create courses or guides that can help others get started. Write books that discuss typical problems within your niche that detail the best ways to overcome these issues. Your ability to sell within your niche is limitless, so be creative and don’t be shy about selling yourself.

Bryan B is a freelance writer based in Long Island, NY. He can’t wait to see how the New York Mets will let him down this year.

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