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How to Make Budget Friendly Online Videos

Budget Friendly Business VideosWriters hear the threat everyday. Television shows, movies, and online videos are taking over the world. No need for novel writers. No need to find a blog writer for hire. Even libraries are losing steam to the lure of the screen through eReader devices. All the same, viral videos with their infectious messages are the best way to blow past your competition in terms of viewership for your website. Yet, before you delete freelance writers from your contact list, consider their vital role in video creation.

Becoming a Billion-view Brand

Making an online video can help you reach an audience who prefers visual information or who is short on time, which covers practically every web viewer on the planet. And who can bargain with the sharing power of videos on social media sites? Thankfully you don’t need a billion bucks to make a video that could become a cultural meme. To make a video on a budget, but without sacrificing effectiveness, you need to have the necessary components.

Equipment Essentials

Video recording equipment is vital, but you don’t need to hire a video production company to give you sound results. Shoot, for that matter, you don’t even actually need a video camera. Look at your computer; do you have a web cam? Ready, action! For more elaborate, out-of-office shoots you can do just fine with a single flip cam. Smartphones are the exception to “any video cameras,” since most of these cameras lack stability to prevent shaky screen syndrome. Next on the list is sound quality. Where video performance can be quite basic, without good audio your video will never get past Round One of web users. While handheld video cameras typically have descent mics, a web cam is bound to have some quality concerns. For a web cam, consider using an external microphone that is connected using an USB microphone interface for controlled sound and improved quality.

Content Control

Remember when I said not to cut all ties with freelance writers? Well, now is their time to shine. To get a total package video, you need more than good looks. Substance is what drives viewers to share an online video with all of their friends, family and foes. You need to have video content that delivers a power packed punch through emotion. Look for screenwriters, which are writers skilled at this type of copy. Being able to write a script is an entirely different game than penning paragraphs for a press release or applying SEO to blog writing. Request your screenwriter to create a cohesive story for your video. Equip your screenwriter by providing adequate background information, such as your goal for the video, the mission statement of your business, and the desired customer base who will hopefully become the audience for video.

The Finish Line

Before you splash your dramatic video on every social media site on the web, take a step back. Get an editor to view your final production to scan for technical, contextual and visual issues. Once the video is edited to perfection, you can take your message to the masses. Consider featuring it in your e-newsletter, and make sure to include it on your business website. Set up a YouTube account for your business if you haven’t already, and share the video there, as well as on other social media sites where your business has established a profile.

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