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How to Hire a Blog Writer to Create your Website Content

Choosing a Blog WriterWith the algorithm changes Google continues to implement, quality content is fundamentally important for a website’s success and should be engaging and well written while addressing the needs of your audience.

Many businesses choose to hire a blog writer; therefore, consider the following to secure the ideal writer with the experience and skills necessary to craft incredible blog posts for your website.

Writing Proficiency

Ask for samples of their published work; then study them to determine if their writing style works for you and your business. Ask to see writing samples containing amusing and/or engaging content that would engage your readers.

If the writer refuses to provide published writing samples, citing client confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements, look for a different writer.

Thoroughly screen their writing samples before hiring them, and then hire the best. Your readers—and your business—will benefit.

Industry-specific Experience

Industry-specific knowledge is valuable, but not mandatory. If they lack the experience needed but are willing to do research on their own, they may still be a good fit for your writing needs.

You can also create lists of well-known industry-specific words and phrases that you need the writer to use in their content creation.


Don’t wait for a required revision to address this issue. Make sure the writer is open to making requested changes before the very first word is ever written.


Even if you pay a writer to create your blog posts, unless stated in your contract with them, the fee you pay covers the use of the written work, not the ownership of it. Technically the writer still owns the copyright. To avoid a misunderstanding, address ownership issues in the contract.


A ghostwriter creates content to be published under another’s identity (company executive/figurehead). Social media stresses transparency; therefore, proceed with caution should you choose to use a ghostwriter.


Don’t settle for the cheapest writer you can find. You get what you pay for. As mentioned earlier, Google rewards quality content; therefore, plan to pay a reasonable price for well-written and well-researched blog posts.


Ask the references about their working relationship with the writer, ability to meet deadlines, and any other concerns you may have. If the writer is unwilling to provide references (current or recent clients), look for another writer.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order for a blog writer to create meaningful content for your website, they need to fully understand your business and your vision. This may require sharing confidential information such as future product details and marketing strategies with them. If this is the case, have the writer sign a non-disclosure agreement before the work begins.


If money is an issue, offer the blog writer a byline to be included with each post—a few sentences about themselves and a link to their e-mail address or website. This “free advertising” may entice a writer to create your content at a lesser rate.

Remember, it is important to work closely with your content writers. With clear instructions, such as post length, style guides, deadlines, and well-defined post ideas, the relationship with your writers will be productive and long-lasting.

By utilizing these considerations when hiring a blog writer for your website, you will be able to create a website that is engaging and useful—one that your readers will return to again and again.

Cindy M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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