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How to Get the Content You Want

Keith Berson/Getty Images
Keith Berson/Getty Images

If you buy marketing content, it will happen eventually: you know what you want. It’s so clear to you that it doesn’t seem worth saying. But, the writer returns something that misses the point entirely. How do you get this fixed and better ensure that it doesn’t happen again? A few tips to get the content you want every time:

1. Don’t assume that anything is obvious.

Read your order instructions and try to imagine that you are not familiar with your company. Are there multiple ways to interpret what you’ve written in the order? It’s always good to include a couple of links to your site and to content that you like.

2. Study the content that you like.

Is the style casual or more formal? Is it broken up with subheads, bullet lists and other features for easier reading, or do you settle in for a long read? Does it link out to a lot of sources or keep you on the page? Copy and paste an article into a free online word counter; this can help you get a realistic idea of how many words are needed to get in all the content you want without fluff or excess. By learning more about what you like and feel is appropriate for your business, you can better communicate to your copywriters what you want.

3. Check out writers’ samples.

On WriterAccess, writers have a number of samples that showcase their work in different styles and for different industries. Don’t worry if they don’t have a sample that applies directly to your niche. What you are looking for is general style.

4. Forge relationships with writers who ask questions.

What does a copywriter do when she isn’t 100% sure what the client wants? If she’s good at her job, she sends a couple of questions. A little bit of back and forth may be exactly what you need to ensure that the writer gets what you want and can supply it.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for revisions.

Nearly every writer would rather you send a blog post or article back for corrections or additions than to accept something you are unhappy with. It can take a bit of time for a copywriter and a client to get to know one another. Sending something back and forth for revisions a couple of times is perfectly normal at first.

When you are requesting content for a writer who is new to you, it can sometimes be a gamble. By doing what you can to communicate what you want and finding a writer willing to work with you, you can increase your chances of getting the effective content you want every time.


Lara S is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She’s written extensively about inbound marketing, effective content, and building relationships. Contact her for white papers, ebooks, blog posts and articles that help you win new clients and keep them coming back.

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