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How to Get More Newsletter Sign-Ups

539668781In inbound marketing, relationships start well before your prospects ever click and add your product to their cart. Email newsletters are a great soft way to establish trust, familiarity and your expertise in your niche. And, the more people who are getting and reading your newsletter, the more chances you have to close a sale. Since many people at the top of the funnel will slip out before ever buying, a large and healthy list is key. To ensure that you are continually building your list with fresh and promising prospects, incorporate these tips into your efforts:

1. Make signing up easy and inviting.

There should be an sign up form for your newsletter right on the front page of your site. Make sure that this form is easy to see and easy to use. For instance, ensure that you use an entry form that doesn’t force the user to erase unwanted text before inputting their address. Don’t ask for too much information. Irritations can dissuade people from continuing. You can always collect more information about subscribers later on.

2. Include reminders about your newsletter on your blog.

When you engage blog writing services to put quality content on your site, don’t forget to use that tool to increase engagement elsewhere. It’s not necessary to have a blog post specifically about your newsletter. Just ask the writer to reference it in the call to action at the end of the post.

3. Offer incentives to share the newsletter.

Many companies boost their signals by offering special friends and family events. You can offer a percentage off for your current subscriber and for a friend who they invite. Not only do you get new subscribers, you get the added social lift of being recommended by a friend.

4. Offer options to people who are unsubscribing.

Getting too many messages is the number one reason that people unsubscribe from email lists. On your unsubscribe page, offer an option to receive fewer emails. This way, you preserve the ability to reach them and the chance to convert to a sale.

5. Make sure the content inside your newsletter is useful and interesting to your prospects.

When you hire blog writing services, consider contracting the same writer to handle your newsletter, as well. Include a mix of industry news, company specials and helpful tips and tricks in each issue. If your newsletter is of use to your prospects, they are more likely to stay on as subscribers and to recommend your newsletter to their friends.

Lara S is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She’s written extensively about inbound marketing, effective content, and building relationships. Contact her for white papers, ebooks, blog posts and articles that help you win new clients and keep them coming back.

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