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How to Get Better Rates for Your Press Releases

Best Press Release RatesThere are plenty of content writers who sell press releases for dirt-cheap prices. I’ve known writers who sold them for $20 and even less. I’ve seen them come available on content pool sites for as little as $5. Some writers feel like they are doing well if they get $20 or more for a press release. However, real world press release rates go up into the $100s if you know how to write a release well and you know how to find the right clients.

Who Pays Well?

In a word: corporations. A great first place to start is local companies, or companies that have local branches. These companies want press releases that will, at the very least, be posted on the company website. They also want the release to give them a chance of getting into the news or into blogs and other websites. It’s worth it to these companies to pay hundreds for a well-written piece from a press release writing service. And if you know what you’re doing, there’s no reason that you can’t be that service.

To get those clients, you will generally have to approach them. Once you have a few under your belt, you can start to build some word-of-mouth traffic that will have companies coming to you. Until then, work up an email pitch and/or make cold calls to let companies know how they can benefit from your services.

Beyond Local Companies

If you don’t live in an area with a lot of large-to-medium-sized businesses, you can always find them online. Most businesses who are serious about creating a web presence want press releases periodically. You can get the contact information from the website and then email or call. If you call, ask to speak to the person who hires the freelancers, and offer to email press release samples to show off your magical skills.

Why Do They Need You?

So, if these companies are so well funded and so in need of press releases, why would they need you? Funny you should ask. There are several good reasons, all of which you can use in your pitches. The first is that without a press release, they have very little chance of getting into even the local news. And by using your services, they don’t have to hire anyone full time to write for them. Businesses these days are trying to stay lean, and taking on freelancers is a big part of keeping labor costs low because they pay you just one flat fee.

Lizz S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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