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How to Find Your Social Media Power Poster

Social Media Power PosterForty-four percent of Justin Bieber’s Twitter fans are fake follower-bots according to Socialbakers, says the BBC. However, that’s just the wattle on the turkey. Anyone who can find a copywriter for hire can purchase social media fans, followers and accounts for themselves. As of July 2013 the price was quite affordable at $559 for 50,000, which is about $11 for 1,000, Twitter followers.

A quick search of buying Facebook profiles is an eye opener, where you can not only purchase profiles, but you can acquire profiles of real people. Forget your standard gift list this Christmas. Buy friends for your friends this year! While there are clearly issues related to faking it on social media, it is obvious that having friends and followers on social media is a plus for marketing a business. Additionally, just as social media accounts have follower-bots, they also have power posters.

Power to the Poster

Check your social media profiles, and you are certain to find a select group of steady supporters. These followers will frequently comment, like, or share your tweets, posts or photos. These are your social media groupies. Reasons they cling to your social media page quicker than tree tinsel include an appreciation for your service, product, company or leaders. Among them you’ll find your power posters. Search among these diehard fans for individuals who offer optimistic comments, and make note of those who have large fan bases of their own. Take a peek at their own profiles to see what kind of person they are, as you will be dependent on them for socially promoting your business. By all means, take the time to make sure they aren’t follower-bots with these tips from Social Media Today.

Appreciate Your Power Poster

Once you’ve pinned a power poster or two, start the process by thanking them for their support. Leave a kind comment on their comments or profile stating your appreciation for their support. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to always respond to their comments on your profile, whether it is with a simple “thumbs up” or a single word of support. Let them know that you know they are there and that they are worth something to you. This praise for your power posters is a virtual pat on the back, and everyone likes to feel appreciated whether they are on a social media profile or in your brick-and-mortar business location.

Pass, Punt, Touchdown!

Score big with your power poster by giving them some exclusivity. Just as with fan clubs, having power posters receive sneak peeks to new products or services, or exclusive early bird access to online sales, will boost their enthusiasm for your business. You can also set up contests where power posters who share their experience with your company, either through products or services they’ve received, can win prizes by having the most likes or shares of their comments. By awarding your power posters you’ll generate some serious buzz for your business, while expanding the reaches of your marketing efforts quicker than your waist line on Thanksgiving Day.

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