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How to Create Tweetable Links

Share Content Optimized for Twitter with SavePublishingSpend a lot of time publishing on social media, and you begin to crave a way to make posting super simple. After all, who has the energy to count all those characters for tweets, or to search for eye-catching phrases for posts? Of course you could hire a quality content writer to do this for you. Otherwise you can use a web program called SavePublishing that will handle the heavy work of creating publishable posts for your social media pages.

Spotting Groovy Verbiage

When looking for something perky to post from your web content, you can get sucked into character counting and formatting. Save your precious time for other more pressing matters. One website that will count characters and single out postable content is SavePublishing. To get started, drag the bookmarklet from their site to your browser bar. Open a page of your web content that you want to share. Click on the SavePublishing bookmark and suddenly your page will be slashed by red highlights. These highlights are bits of content that are optimized for tweets. Click on any of these highlights, and you will be redirected to your Twitter posting page. You are ready to share your simplified and shortened content, which even includes a handy-dandy hyperlink.

Creating Lovely Linkage

Look. We all know that the reason to use social media as a small- to medium-sized business is for marketing purposes. However, it can seem like such a chore to create links to be posted on all of your company’s social media profile. Unless you have someone working with social media on a full time basis, opt for a lollipop that will create links for you. At SavePublishing you can create posts that automatically include hyperlinks that have been shortened for the Twitter-verse. Once you publish one of these optimized posts, a tidy link back to your site is tacked on.

Spread the Tweeting Seed

Another way to use SavePublishing for your social media work is to incorporate other social sharing tools. Tweriod is a site that allows you to analyze your Twitter account to determine the top times that your readers are clicking on and retweeting your tweets. Determine when your tweets are most popular and use SavePublishing to find posts to tweet at those times. Another program you can utilize is Buffer. This app allows you to automate your tweets and Facebook posts according to a schedule. You can link Tweriod to Buffer and then find posts using SavePublishing, which you can buffer rather than publishing immediately.

Take the social media bull by the horns and use this marketing outlet to your advantage rather than letting the bull of social media run your business into the ground. Between the three of these super simple interfaces, your social media time will be minimal while your posts will be more likely to be read and shared by potential customers.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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