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How to Create Irresistible Content

Does your audience find your content irresistible? Or do they quit reading before they reach your call to action?

If your content is boring, a visitor to your website is less likely to stay long enough to make a purchase from you. You need content that grabs a reader by the eye and does not let go until he clicks on the pay button.

Visitors often decide to stay on a page or leave within the first 10 seconds of their visit, according to the Nielsen Norman Group. Even those that stay after 10 seconds will leave within the next 20 seconds. If you can convince a reader to stay on your website for 30 seconds, there is a good chance she will stay on your website longer – maybe even as long as two minutes or more.

This means that you need to communicate your proposition within 10 seconds if you want to even have a chance at holding their attention for two minutes. Your website is going to need some very intriguing and irresistible content.

Keys to Creating Irresistible Content

People come to your website because they yearn for something. The reasons they come vary widely between people and industries. To make your content irresistible, you need to know what your clients want and provide it to them in a way that they find helpful and rewarding.

Your content should provide immediate gratification for at least one need. Your solution should be packaged in an irresistible offer for immediate purchase. Your content should also promise future satisfaction with subsequent interactions.

Use language relevant to your target audience. Keep the voice of your content fresh, enthusiastic, and positive.

Create a sense of security. Your readers are more likely to continue reading your content if they feel you are a trustworthy source. A spirit of community and acceptance will invite a web visitor to return to your site often.

Pack short sentences with exciting words. This thrills readers and allows them to skim text quickly.

Writers for Hire Guaranteed to Inspire

What if you are not a good writer and your business is too small to hire a staff? Consider a “writers for hire” service. If you are like most small business owners, you cannot afford a full-time writer. Writers for hire have the professional skills necessary to create irresistible content.

Professional writers construct intriguing copy with the right balance of raw information and entertainment. Writers for hire can also pepper content with keywords to boost your ranking on search engines.

To find writers for hire guaranteed to inspire, narrow your search to only writers who seem enthusiastic about your project. The writers’ attitudes about your product are likely to come through in the content they create.

The next time you revamp your small business website, create irresistible content that catches your readers by the eye.

Lynn H is a business owner, webmaster and freelance copywriter who is always on the hunt for the next big thing in social media and business technology.

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