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How to Create Consistent Looking Copy

Writing consistent copy can be difficult, especially for a new freelance writer. How to keep copy looking consistent can be a daunting task if you work for several companies that all want several different things. Focusing on a few key points that you can carry out with all of your clients will help to not only build yourself as a writer, but will cause you less stress if you know to focus on a few key points in your copy rather than what every individual client wants. This is not to say that you should ignore what they are looking for, but keeping your copy consistent will help you to be more efficient and get the work done quicker.

Accessibility is, by far, the most important matter when dealing with making your copy more neat and consistent. If Google or Yahoo can’t read your copy within the code, then you can’t be ranked and placed somewhere. Make sure that your content is to the point. Nobody wants to read read a blog or an entire page of content that is round about and doesn’t make a lick of sense. User friendly website gain more traffic than any other. If you want to keep your copy looking consistent, be as user friendly as possible. Nobody enjoys looking at a website that they can’t navigate or find what they are looking for. Keep all buttons and tab uniform for easier access. Marketing is lastly, the most important thing in keeping your copy consistent. Sign up for places like Google Adsense and buy ad space so that you can advertise. Also, make sure that you spread the word using word of mouth. Sometimes it is the fastest way to get people coming to your site. Friends and family will always give your content a courtesy look even if they have no idea what it is for or about. If it is something that they feel others can use, the word will spread and you will start receiving more traffic.

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