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How to Create a High-Converting Newsletter People Want to Read and Share

How to Create a High-Converting Newsletter People Want to Read and Share

Newsletters have become a must-have marketing tool for brands.

No matter how large or small the company is, a simple newsletter can create an incredible amount of attention and drive sales. It’s become nearly as important as creating video.

Why Newsletters Matter to Companies

Newsletters from organizations such as theSkimm and AppSumo have amassed a large number of readers. For example, theSkimm, which provides a daily newsletter with articles on a variety of topics, has over 4 million subscribers.

The New York Times has 33 unique newsletters – and has an open rate of 50% on them. That’s a significant number and one that can directly impact the bottom line of any type of business.

But, why are newsletters so valuable to brands? People like them and they read them. When it comes to freelance writer resources, newsletters are one to master. Newsletters offer a variety of benefits:

  • They are an easy way to stay in touch with a brand without having to seek out a website or find and keep up with social media posts.
  • Readers can check in and see what’s new when they have time. That newsletter in an email isn’t going anywhere until they decide to open it or file it.
  • Senders love them because they provide a straight line for their website where they can push products and services and increase brand awareness. And, they can be cost effective.

Newsletters have incredible value. To get this type of attention, though, they need to be highly engaging and well-written.

What Goes Into a Truly Successful, Converting Newsletter?

As a content creator, it’s likely you’ll see more newsletter requests in the future. They’re growing in demand and highly effective, but how do you make them converting tools that readers and clients appreciate?

Here are some tips as resources for freelancers that create newsletter content:

  • Make it fresh and unique. Curate content from websites that aren’t mainstream but offer an interesting viewpoint or a diversity not seen otherwise. The more cutting edge or differing it is to other newsletters, the more likely your readers will read it and even look for it each week or month.
  • Ensure the newsletter offers value. Why should the reader bother opening it? What makes it interesting and worth the read? You can include promotional offers but go further than this. Ensure there’s something in the newsletter that the reader needs to read based on the topic or his or her interests.
  • Personalize it. It should always provide a personalized tone including the use of the recipient’s name.
  • Remember, newsletters need personality. Whatever the message is, say it with an interesting personality that readers can immediately connect with as they read. Even for the business-centric audience, providing a lighthearted theme can work well as long as it remains consistent one newsletter after the other.

With this type of content, any newsletter will become a must-read each time it’s sent.

These are the types of pieces readers will share to others, expanding a company’s reach and improving its bottom line.

Sandy B is a professional freelancer within the WriterAccess platform. Specializing in finance and business services, Sandy has also published seven in-print books on Amazon.



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