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How To Convert Readers Into Revenue Growth


There’s no doubt that many websites and businesses feature amazing content, but often the difficulty is converting that content into real revenue growth. It’s time to think about how content can be used to increase your ROI, grow your subscriber base, and promote your brand across channels. By following the following strategies, you should see results that make a real difference for your business.

Create Synergy In Your Content

Many companies follow a formula of providing informational content followed by a call-to-action. In many ways that’s a smart strategy. You don’t want to aggressively market to your readers from the beginning to the end of a blog post. However, here are some ways to more effectively market your products and services without turning off readers:

  • Be sure to link to products and services within your blog content. For example, if you sell gardening products and services, you should look for certain words that link back to what your company offers, such as “fertilizer” or “irrigation” which directs readers to pages where you can make a sale.
  • Link to key blog posts on your site where you think customers might want more information before they take action. For example, your visitor might land on a page where you sell refrigerators. That’s the perfect place to link to a blog post where the buyer can read about what to look for when buying an energy efficient refrigerator. They’ll then have more confidence when making a purchase with your company.
  • Be sure you’re linking to older content in new posts. Not only will that reinforce information on new blog posts, but it will also help you improve your search engine rankings through effective link building.

Don’t Hide Your Blog

Many times websites don’t generate revenue because they treat their blog like an afterthought. There’s a blog link somewhere on a webpage, but it’s either on the bottom or some other hidden corner. Don’t just prominently display a link to your blog on your homepage, but try to feature blog snippets for new posts as well. This will make readers feel that your blog matters.

Also send out blog updates via an e-mail drip system through a program like MailChimp and update all your social media platforms when you make a new post. Remember, your blog helps promote your business, but first you have to put a little effort into promoting your blog.

Tie Promotions Directly Into Your Blog

Your blog should excite readers, and one of the best ways to that is offer real value tied directly into your content. By offering periodic deals within your blog, you’ll excite readers and give them an incentive to keep reading your site week after week. An added bonus is you’ll see an increase in sales conversions from readers tied directly to your website’s content.

Build On Your Existing Content

You have a series of great posts that provide excellent information, but instead of just letting them disappear into your archive, it’s time to leverage this content.  Here are some great ideas to repackage content for greater revenue growth:

  • Webinars help you take content you already have and repackage it through a new multimedia experience to get customers excited. Webinars also help you pitch products and services in a natural and convincing manner through the power of video.
  • Turn a series of blog posts into a professional whitepaper or even an e-book. A single blog post may not provide the depth of knowledge necessary for a whitepaper or e-book, but over time you may notice that you’ve built up a huge wealth of knowledge that you can exploit for high-value publications. Whitepapers and e-books ultimately help position you as a thought leader on a subject, which will support your efforts to convert more customers into sales.
  • Find ways to repost blog content on other sites with high readership in your target markets. You may be giving away free content to these sites, but the traffic you receive back will help you cash in on quality content.

Improve And Promote Your Content

Generating excellent content should be a major part of your marketing strategy, but unfortunately companies often suffer from missed opportunities. Think about using these actionable tips to quickly turn to improve and promote your blog posts for long-term growth.

  • Ask readers to sign up to your newsletter and mailing list every chance you get. The bottom of blog posts or sidebars should read something along the line of: “Like what you read? Sign up and receive updates, deals and news from us directly to your mail box!” Once you have a subscriber, you have a valuable lead to promote your products.
  • Consider a pop-up e-mail subscription request platform like OptinMonster to generate even more e-mail subscribers.
  • Feature more long-form blog content. Long-form content conveys expertise and deep knowledge, which helps instill more confidence in readers as they move down the sales funnel.

Quality content should always equal revenue and profit. By taking the above steps, you’ll be well positioned to ensure your content investments deliver the results you’re looking.

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