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How to Be Sure Your SEO Strategy is Working

thinkerOptimizing your content is one thing. Evaluating which SEO strategies are currently working best for your company–that’s another topic, but an entirely necessary one if you want to keep improving your marketing strategies. Analyzing your content is more than measuring clicks and shares. It’s a matter of which keywords actually generate deep engagement on your site.

That type of information isn’t as hard to come by as you might think; there’s no witchcraft involved. You’ll just need to wield a few tools to make some amazing optimization happen.

Google Analytics

You’ve heard of Google Analytics and likely dabbled in it a time or two. But if you’re not using this free resource to its fullest, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of information you can use to your advantage. Use Google Analytics to reach beyond basic page rankings and identify the following:

  • Where your readers are coming from (Twitter, Facebook, another referral site)
  • Which keywords readers searched for to find your site–and how engaged those readers were once they arrived
  • Bounce rates (number of people who clicked onto your site once, didn’t engage, then “bounced” away)
  • Web browsers your page visitors were using
  • Amount of time the average visitor spent on your site

That information gives you a good starting point. Are longer or shorter pieces of content more effective? Which links are more popular? What type of keyword generated the most interest? The answers can change seasonally or with current events, but by tracking the information, you’ll learn which trends you need to jump on.

Change Things Up

If you’ve been married to pretty much the same SEO strategy for some time, it’s worth your while to deviate a little to try out different ideas that might actually offer higher payoffs. Conventional wisdom says that longer content won’t get read, but in some cases, more detailed landing pages and posts actually generate better customer engagement.

Try out a bit of longer content, work your analytics magic, and see how effective it was. Or try longer-string keywords (or shorter ones) to measure their effectiveness. Blog writers for hire will work with you to mix up your existing marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new strategies; you might hit the jackpot. Or you might figure out that you’ve already hit your marketing sweet spot. Either way, the information will serve you well.

Evaluate Your Editorial Calendar

Most businesses experience seasonal up- and down-swings. That’s normal and sometimes unavoidable, depending on your industry. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on certain seasons entirely. Try adding more relevant seasonal content to your calendar and ride the waves of interest supplied by the surrounding culture itself. You’ll soon be able to see which seasonal posts actually hit home with readers and which ones fell flat.

Optimizing your SEO strategy flawlessly doesn’t happen the moment you decide to try something new. It takes time, research, and a bit of luck to hit the perfect combination. But using the information at your fingertips is sure to yield dividends, whether you see the results right away or not. Don’t be afraid to keep venturing into the SEO unknown! You never know what brilliance you’ll find there.

Writer Bio: Steffani J is a part-time content writer who loves to drink tea and create content, but struggles with one-liners.

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