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Automate Your Workflow–Don’t Crush Your Creative Flow

Do you have tons of ideas for blog posts or white papers but no time to write? Here’s how to maintain your creativity and automate your workflow to deliver the content you need for your business.

Create an Idea List

If you don’t write down that amazing idea, you’ll forget it when the next great idea comes along. Keep a master list of all the ideas you want to follow up on, organized by topic or asset type.

Hire a Freelance Copywriter to Automate Your Workflow

Many business owners wonder if they should hire an in-house writer or a freelancer.

In-house writers work well for large companies who have means to employ them. For everyone else, the better option is to hire a freelance copywriter–someone who is available on demand to transform amazing ideas into marketable content.

If the idea of screening freelancers sounds exhausting, turn to a content marketing service that has a stable of professional freelancers with writing experience in your niche.

Set Your Freelance Copywriter Up for Success

You found the writing talent, you’ve got the ideas, and now all that’s left is to set your writer up for success. Tell them who you are, what you need, and what keywords you’re targeting. Then let them use their talent to make your business shine!

By investing in a content writing service, you’ll finally transform those ideas into content that grows your business, generates leads, and boosts your bottom line.

About the author

A successful freelancer for over 10 years, Lindsey D has demonstrated experience with technology, information retrieval, usability and user experience, social media, cloud computing, and small business needs. Lindsey is a regular blog contributor, social networking maven and research professional who makes a living as a freelance writer specializing in travel, lifestyle, LGBTQ, personal finance, and web copy for small businesses. She holds advanced degrees in creative writing and information science.

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