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How the Mystery Flavor of Dum Dums Can Help Your Content

No, this article is not about the residents of Dum Dum, a city in West Bengali, India. That’s right. We are talking about that sweet little ball on a stick, a childhood favorite of lollipop lovers everywhere. How many times have you pulled out a sucker from a mixed bag of Dum Dums, only to find you are holding the illusive mystery flavor? This writer who likes to have her Dum Dums while blog ghostwriting has had her fair share for sure.

Mystery Solved

The mystery of this lollipop flavor has finally been unwrapped. According to Mental Floss, the mystery flavor comes from the blend of two traditional flavors, which includes everything from blueberry to bubblegum. After the run of a batch of one flavor is complete, there is always a little bit of sugary goodness remaining in the tank. Rather than breaking down the production line to wash the tanks, which takes a lot of time, money and effort, a new flavor is added to the pot. Dum Dums are made using this blend of two flavors, and they become the next mystery flavor. Of course, the line managers over at Dum Dum aren’t just tossing any two flavors together—they plan out the runs to concoct the most delightful mystery flavors possible. Otherwise, we’d be stuck with “blu raspberry-rootbeer” or “watermelon-butterscotch.”

Cleaning Out the Writing Pipes

How does this relate to blog writing? Whenever you have a batch of blog posts to complete in a day, organize your work so that the topics flow into one another. For example, you could write your beauty posts first, followed by home and garden, and finishing up with science and health.

If you are focused on content writing services, organize your writing according to topic and then by type of article. For instance, after you have grouped your assignments by topic, divide them according to the format, such as press releases, blog posts, news stories, and product descriptions.

Writing a novel? Go about that in the same way. Start your writing day by taking five minutes to organize your efforts. Perhaps you need to write the rough draft for a couple of scenes, brainstorm ideas to keep your plot moving forward, and research ways to self-publish your project. Make a list of the things you need to get accomplished in one work day. Arrange them according to the order that they need to be completed for the book to be finished. For instance, start out with brainstorming plot ideas and finish up with researching publishing routes. Each day stick to this system, and it will become habit, and thereby allow you to focus on the content of the book instead of flittering about in a panic because you are overwhelmed.

Having a system creates routine and order in your life. Whether or not we like to admit it, for the majority of individuals, we work better and more efficiently when we are in a routine. However, freelancer writers will shout to the roof tops that a steady routine is difficult to come by in this biz. Let the mystery flavor inspire you. Just like the mystery flavor of the Dum Dum, your organization will allow your thoughts to flow forward rather than constantly having to start fresh with a new topic and format saving you time and effort.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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