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How Much Website Do You Need?

Creating a company website is a necessary marketing tool of modern business. A company without a website is like a ghost- it may or may not be there, but chances are that you’ll never see it. Creating a company website requires careful consideration of what you want your website to do for your business. It won’t juggle or tap dance, but it can bring in an enormous number of customers. Hiring content writers to create a fleshed-out website can take a business from a ghost to a business with a clear and growing presence. Many company websites use a five-page format that includes these pages:

  • an index page that describes the business in general terms
  • an “about us” page that goes into the history of the business and often profiles of upper management
  • a product page that describes what the company sells
  • a contact page that provides email addresses, physical addresses and a map
  • a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that provides answers to common questions that customers may have

Having just these five pages is a standard way to create a business website, but it’s just a starting point. Businesses that hire a content writer to expand the website to bring in the largest number of prospective clients possible can vastly change the future for that business.

Creating Topical Content

Another common practice is to create topical pages that will help a company website gain visibility. With pages that describe various aspects of your industry, you can pull in readers from search engines who may have never specifically sought out your business’ website. A candle company, for example, could have pages that describe what certain types of candles look like, their history and how they are made. People who are interested in candles will search for specific types and find that page. They are then on the website of a company that makes them.

Larger websites often rank better in search engines than ones that are small and have little content. That doesn’t mean you need to create elephantine websites that are overwhelming in their scope. Instead, freelance marketing writers can create websites that thoroughly and efficiently cover the topic to provide plenty of content for search engines to index.

There is no page count that is right for every website. However, with a wide-reaching website that provides plenty of valuable content to your future customers, you can go from a ghost to a company with a powerful marketing force online.

Lizz S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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