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How Marketing Email Copywriting Services Can Maximize Your Business Exposure

Email marketing is still an important tool for many businesses, both online and offline. Most restaurants, retail shops, websites, and more all utilize some form of an email list. However, how do you determine who is getting the message and who is sending it straight to the inbox trash can? Here are several ways marketing email copywriting services can maximize your exposure.

Psychology of Wording

There is a bit of a psychological science needed to get subscribers to open, read, and take action once they have received a marketing email. This is where professional content writing can help. By hiring a freelancer who is trained in what email subscribers look for in marketing material, you can greatly increase your open rates (i.e… the number of times an email is actually opened versus how many total were sent) and the general effectiveness of a campaign. These writing experts know what keywords to use in subject lines and heading to pique the interest of the reader.

Copywriters Know Visual Formatting

As strange as it sounds, it is important to hire an email marketing trained copywriter to help with the visual formatting of the email itself. For example, these experts know how to format headings in order to catch the reader’s eye. They also know when to use color, bolding, italicizing, and underlining to emphasize important points.

Keeping the Reader Engaged and Happy

Layout is also extremely important. Most who read email scan the message, often glazing over large paragraphs or chunks of text. Those trained in email marketing know that this can be a way to turn off the subscriber and keep them from opening future emails. These copywriters also know special tricks, such as creating a series of informative messages versus including everything in one email.

While investing in a professional copywriting service for email marketing might seem a little silly to some, it can be a great way to increase sales, profits, and readership quite quickly.

Landra Lynn J is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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