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How Deep are the Waters: Creating Your Team of Expert Writers

teamWhen your business needs to produce a steady stream of content, you may consider hiring freelance writers. Choosing a pool of writers will ensure plenty of talent is available to write your articles whenever you are in need of content. Website content providers enable you to choose your team of writers and decide exactly what kind of talent you are looking for.

Hire Writers with a Diverse Range of Talent

Consider expert diversity in your team–especially if you have a range of article topics. Writers who are experts in marketing might be helpful on topics like selling a home or press releases. Authors who understand pets and children might write great family articles or might have an understanding of healthy food choices. Consider what you are looking for, but don’t narrow your selection down to one type of writer.

Education and Background of a Writer

A great number of writers are available for freelance work. Some have degrees, while others have experience or training. Often, the writing is not solely determined by education or years of experience, but by the writer themselves. How quickly a person learns, how observant they are and how often they strive to continue in their personal growth is more important than past achievements.

Look at a writer’s bio and see how they present themselves. Check out any examples given to see what kind of a voice the writer uses and how clear they are in their communication. An expert writer will be good at spelling, grammar and structure, so look for other things like tone and expression when choosing your favorites.

What Benefits My Company?

In the end, the writers who will benefit your company will be quick to turn around work and competent at following instruction. This does mean, however, that you must learn how to give assignment instructions that are clear for your writers. The order and writing process should be painless and efficient, producing excellent copy you are happy to use in your marketing.

Solo Orders and Love List Orders

There is a difference between using one writer and a pool. If you choose a sole author, then you will put together a Solo Order, deeming that author the only talent who can pick up your content request. With the ability to see when an author last logged in, you will feel confident that you are working with an active writer and your work will be completed.

If you are putting out several orders and you would prefer to gather a team, then you can choose a Love List to hire writers who are your top choices. These authors can then have equal access to your articles when you submit the orders.

Both groups may be chosen by browsing individual writer profiles or by putting out a Casting Call. A Casting Call allows you to explain what you are looking for and provide a sample assignment. Writers then choose if they want to apply for your Casting Call, explaining to you why they believe they are a good fit. You can choose which authors go on your Love List and which ones aren’t what you are looking for.

Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She often uses interesting facts from her article research to impress friends at dinner parties. Her husband is her biggest fan — though this may be because her writing income allows her to share in bill-paying each month.

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