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How Content Writers Can Benefit from Google Plus

Not another social media outlet. I mean, really, after Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Delicious and Pinterest and Instagram, how many more ways do people need to connect on the internet? Well, it seems that this battle for virtual territory is far from over, and now Google has scored big with Google Plus.

By taking the route of social media Mother Hen, Google+ offers a way, albeit not necessarily revolutionary, to connect with people according to social circles, which typically starts with whomever is in a list of Gmail contacts. Focusing on the people in your contacts list is expected to give you a more close knit circle for sharing information.

What You Can Do with Google+

Connect with people that interest you or whom you have a personal or professional relationship with using Google+. Share photo albums, inspirational quotes, and informative content with those in your circle. Or you can go global by connecting with people who have like minds and similar interests, which is the focus of most content writers. But how can Google+ benefit content writers as they promote their web content writing?

Google+ is part of the Google search engine. Therefore it is clearly expected to be a catalyst for improving rankings in a Google search. When viewers give your content a +1 using Google+, this will most likely boost your page ranking on Google. At the very least, a +1 makes your content appear more valuable to future readers, and we all know the more viewers you get to read your web content, the better. So, by adding your web content to the Google+ platform, you are more likely to get +1 as viewers are already wearing their Google goggles. Plus, if your viewers are friends and family, they are more likely to “like” your work. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, it’s time to nurture your Google+ account so you can start attracting content customers today.

If you are concerned with sharing certain content with the wrong people, all you need to do is create Circles of readers for your different subjects. That way you can focus on quality rather than quantity. For example, you can prevent your home decor clients from being flooded with foreign language content, and your homeschooling fan base can avoid content based on political issues.

Another benefit of getting your Google+ seeds in the web soil soon involves nurturing your web content with a search engine marketing boost. For starters, when you get a Circle of 1,000 contacts, you are rewarded with an AdWords account, which is a groovy marketing tool that ranks high on the list of desirables by businesses that want web cents. Furthermore, as Google+ is in its infancy, it’s a great time to get your feet wet without drowning in a pool of SEO competitors.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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