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How Can I Be a Decent Freelance Government Writer?

Many freelance government writers discover they can do very well making money online by focusing on a niche area within this general category of writing. There is plenty of work available, and in an election year, you can enjoy writing articles about candidates or parties you prefer, thus doubling your satisfaction.

Government issues are important to all citizens. Each geographic location will have new developments at the state, county and city government levels that impact residents and businesses. If you are an experienced writer or a beginner, you can earn a decent freelance income writing about new laws, changes in laws, government programs, benefit changes and other topics of interest to all who are affected. Many freelance government writers end up getting regular assignments that are used in newsletters or email alerts; some articles end up on landing pages of major websites like Yahoo or Hotmail.


Get some knowledge of law and how to write legalese so your articles are accepted. Government issues are carefully watched; incorrect or inaccurate information must be avoided.

Remember to write for the geographic area of concern. Some government issues and news will only apply to a small region, while others could be nationwide. Locations often are included in keyword requirements.

Keep tabs on what issues you have written previously. This could be an income generator if you can remind clients they need an updated article later on.


Some articles require that you take a neutral stance, while others can have a partisan bias. Don’t take on articles that promote things you do not believe in; it feels like a lie if you try to write about a side of an issue that you do not agree with.

Know where to look for the most recent and accurate information. Use top notch resources and informational websites that have facts and not opinions.


Use websites that are authoritative and current. Use those that end with .gov, .edu or .org. An excellent website that lists U.S. Government Departments and Agencies that freelance Government writers need to locate is This is a directory that has information on all federal agencies, with links to original websites. Another excellent online resource for statistics is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, found at

Industry News

Current news about government issues can easily be found online. If you search popular blogs, like, you can find information and sources listed by those blog writers; you can track back for research as needed. Government agencies like the Small Business Administration may offer newsletters and updates via RSS feeds. Use writer’s groups to cull information and news; some meet in person and other groups correspond or meet online. Other timely reports come from the Senate, House of Representatives, the White House, CDC and FCC.

Become one of many freelance government writers who prefer writing about government issues and laws. The topic is important and interesting; there are ample career opportunities for beginners who enjoy researching government issues.

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