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How an Insurance Blog Can Help Grow Your Business!

Insurance BlogLet’s face it—blogs are a hot marketing tool right now. But you sometimes wonder how you can get people interested in a blog for your insurance company. Posting about policies, deductibles and coverages never seems to get your blog off the ground. But before you give up on it, let’s take a look at what kind of topics can get people interested in following your insurance blog!

What’s Happening in Your Community?

It can be very tempting to talk about what you know, but let’s step back a moment and see what else would interest people locally. Did your office sponsor a kids’ soccer team that just won their game last Saturday? Toss a few pictures and a little commentary up on your blog! Was one of your agents selected for a position with a community group? Mention this accomplishment! Will your office be closed because of the huge festival that happens every year? Make a mention of what your company has to offer with regards to this event, even if it’s just free parking or having someone man the office to keep the restrooms available. The events that keep your company connected to and grounded in your local community are the lifeblood of your business; it’s what keeps people coming through the door.

Public Testimonials

Maybe it was your suggestion about inventorying someone’s house that helped them with their insurance claim, whether it was with your company or not. It could be that your suggestion that Mrs. Jones keep her family silver in her safety deposit box or safe that kept it from being stolen in the burglary, allowing her to use it for her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Testimonials show how an insurance company can be a hero to everyday people, restoring normal life as quickly as possible for individuals, families and businesses.

Do You Have Unique Policies?

Accident forgiveness, wedding insurance, pet medical insurance… Your company can offer so much more than the average life, health, home and auto policies. If some of your carriers offer truly unique riders or policies, mention them on occasion. Identity theft insurance isn’t something most of us think of, but when Mr. Johnson who just got a nasty letter from the IRS reads about it, he’ll want to buy a policy! The auto industry alone has a variety of new policy riders including vanishing deductibles, better car replacement, pet coverage and many more that leaves the average person scratching their head over the differences.

If you’re worried about not getting the right tone or style on your blog, it’s easy to hire insurance writers to help you out. Above all, remember what insurance is all about: it promises your clients that even when things go badly, some spark of normalcy remains in their lives, and that insurance makes it possible. It’s these flashes of continuity that reminds you customers why they do business with you.

Cathleen V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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