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How a Freelance Travel Writer Makes Your Brand Bigger


Everyone loves to read great writing about exotic, unique, or unexplored places they wish they could visit. This has always been some of the best writing out there, as it allows the reader to escape to a different world, through the text. So imagine how much it would help your company blog or Facebook page with regular posts about incredible travels around the world, allowing customers or social network followers to regularly escape into these fantastic vacations. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Not only is it expensive and time consuming to travel, but you have a company to run. Also, there’s the little issue of writing engaging and entertaining travel copy while you are on the road — being a great travel writer is not as easy as it looks!

Which is why hiring a freelance travel writer is such a good idea for the company blog. It will help to spread your brand and entertain those who follow your company. By having great photos and entries about wild and exotic places all over the world that a representative of your company is visiting on a regular basis, it will appear that your brand has a wide reach around the world, lives by its own rules, and makes dreams of travelling come true. This is a huge benefit for many companies, especially those that are selling products or experiences that most people don’t have.

However, it is important a few things are stipulated to the freelance travel writer you hire. Arguably most important, they need to relate their entries back to your product or brand. For example, if you sell cool T-shirts, the freelance travel writer should do a piece on giving out T-shirts to the owners of their favorite restaurants as they eat their way through Paris or to the owners of beach hostels as they travel along the various exotic beaches of Thailand. These entries, combined with great photos, give your company and brand a seemingly endless reach around the globe (even though it’s just one writer who more or less has a dream job). So make sure they have a camera and some knowledge of how to take great photos as well.

Also, these freelance travel writers will need to have a real plan of action before they go on the road. Where will they be stopping along the way and what will the entries be focused on? While the very best writers will be acquired if the company covers the entire trip and pays them for their work, most companies will want to reach out to freelance travel writers who simply want their flight covered or want some money per piece to help supplement their adventures. It all depends on the budget you have to spend and what you want them to post.

Eli K is a writer and journalist who has lived all over America and worked in just about every facet of the writing trade. He has travelled to five of the seven continents and has written at length about all of them.

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