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Home Shopping Shows: Ripe for Writing Product Descriptions

If you are a late night writer who depends on the tube for company, you have undoubtedly found yourself sucked into one of the uber intense home shopping channels. Don’t turn the channel just yet. Listen and learn to the sales pros as they turn a blase button-up blouse into a shirt that has more uses than James Bond’s pocket knife. Gather a multitude of groovy phrases and sparkly ideas for selling products. You can then translate these into product descriptions as you hone your writing skills and become the world’s best ghostwriter.

Beyond Product Descriptions

Describing a product in a revolutionary way makes an otherwise boring product description pop from the page. Of course a product description needs to include colors, sizes and materials. But forge ahead and describe all of the wild ways a product could be used by everyone’s Uncle Al to their senile grandmother. Foster thoughts in potential customers by writing about ways things can be used beyond their intended function. For example, a shower curtain can be used as a room divider, base for a mural or photo collage. A quilt could be given as a wedding present, hung up for decorative purposes or used to warm a newborn colt. Home shopping shows are great places to gain zany ideas for product uses.

Make TV Time Work For Writing

The two main home shopping shows are HSN and QVC. As you most likely are aware, each of these shows run 24/7 giving you plenty of opportunities to watch. Combine writing with TV watching as you view these shows. Jot down sweet gems that are uncovered from these sales pitches. For instance, if you tend to write a lot of product descriptions about bath items, make it a point to watch the caffeinated hosts discuss everything from soap dispensers to shower curtains. Other tips:

  • Watch for listings detailing what products will be sold at what time so you can focus on the products you want to research; you don’t want to be stuck in home-shopping hell for too long.
  • Write down key phrases that catch your ear.
  • Make notes about the different ways these products are advertised.
  • Note the flowery language used to sell items.
  • Jot down words that cause positive emotions in yourself.

Research Methods

Use home shopping shows as research opportunities. Tune in to shows featuring products that you are writing about, such as the latest dish set from Rachel Ray or boho fur vest by Rachel Zoe. Then research your potential audience by listening to the callers who call into these shows while the particular product is being hocked. You can snap up a lot of demographic information about who your invisible audience may be, which can help you mold your own writing.

Products Sold On These Shows

The holidays are a hot time for home shopping shows as everyone is in the selling spirit. However, you can catch fashion designers to famous chefs selling their wares on these shows anytime of year. Some of the most common products featured on home shopping networks include:

  • Specialty foods
  • Jewelry
  • Women’s clothing
  • Children’s toys
  • Home décor
  • Small appliances

When you get to the point that you actually want to buy what they are advertising and you find yourself unfreezing your credit card, stop watching the tube and get back to writing.

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