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Home Repair Tips from a Life of Article Writing

Writing About Home RepairArticle writers regularly cover a tremendous amount of material and topics, home improvement being one of the more popular items along with travel, politics, and business. However, while content writers often find themselves producing four or five different topics in a day, there is also an added benefit beyond just the payment for the material. Writers also get to explore new ideas on a regular basis. Maintaining a home is one of the more practical items a writer can benefit from via related articles.

Basic Plumbing

There’s a number of basic plumbing steps a homeowner can take to solve problems, upgrade features, or improve how a home system works. Articles often cover these steps, and writers can learn a thing or two for their own homes. For example, a vibrating pipe from water hammer is usually not a good thing. It can disconnect and a major pressure leak can cause serious house damage, especially in a two-story house. However, the problem line can be fixed with a simple water arrest valve being attached to the line. This is particularly common on toilet or clotheswasher feed lines. Another problem includes hard water. It builds up deposits that can clog valves. However, vinegar is a great solution for breaking down these deposits and cleaning up sink faucets, even shower heads, as a “natural” home remedy.


Wall colors can have a huge impact on a person’s mood, and lightening up a room can make a big difference in appearance and feel. It’s the number one reason home builders use flat white as a paint in all rooms, making them look bigger in the process. Changing a dark room to a light color can have the same effect. However, the paint job can be messy. Writers learn professional painters use a variety of tools to make the job easier. For example, rather than trying to manage a standard roller brush and the cleaning up with a hand brush for hours later, use a smaller diameter roller. It may take a little bit longer, but the smaller roller provides far greater control of the paint application and reduces splatter significantly.

Sink Disposal Repair

Underneath a modern kitchen sink sits the food disposal which often takes a lot of abuse. Eventually, the unit will clog up or jam over time. Most homeowners will try to fix the existing one or free it up. Don’t bother. These units are so inexpensive they’re like TV DVD players. Throw out the old one and install a new one. Once the drain pipe is disconnected, the disposal unit can be twisted off the sink drain and removed. A new one is installed the same way. However, don’t try to put together the drain pipe plumbing with PVC odds and ends. For some reason, as writers learn, disposal drain pipes are a slightly different diameter than other PVC drain parts. Instead, one has to buy a simple disposal drain kit constructed with Canadian measurements. They’re available at local big box stores, and the kit solves the pipe diameter headache in an instant.

In Summary

The more one writes, the more he’s likely to learn, especially about home repair. So try a few home improvement articles here and there. You’ll be amazed how you get “paid” with new ideas and home repair tricks.

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