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As a small business owner, improving the way you do business should be one of the first benchmarks in your strategic plan. The second – hiring the right content marketing writer that will enhance your brand through the right series of optimization techniques.

Search Engine or Online Audience – Which One?

In every online digital marketing strategy, there is a push for utilizing strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, while engaging the audience. The changes, shift in technology and delivery of keywords are significant and should not be ignored. Gone are the days when content could be stuffed with keywords to get you to the top of the Google screen, and gone are the days when that was the only thing that mattered. There are many businesses that enjoy an immense level of success without being on the first page of Google. Audiences look for quality content and have shied away from companies just because they show up first. The savvy online user wants the total experience and is willing to search through pages of content to get it. Businesses that understand this need and are truly aware of their audience should focus on Online Audience Optimization (OAO) for a more effective delivery.

What is OAO?

Online Audience Optimization (OAO) is the evolution of what SEO has become. It is user driven, content focused and centers on delivering messages specifically designed to enhance your business and your brand. Tailoring your content to address the wants of your audience is a key consideration when attempting to hire a marketing writer.

How Can it Help My Business?

It’s simple! OAO captures the essence of why Google+ is fueled by user interaction. It promotes authorship and accountability, an enhanced user experience and real-time, fresh content that cannot be accomplished by SEO targeted directives. With the consistent changes in search engine results pages evolving into content-rich media, keywords have now become an assistance tool instead of the main focus. Having writers that know and understand your audience and are able to engage them through an online interactive experience will not only increase your brand image and visibility, but generate search results from different markets.

An effective plan should incorporate all the elements of your social media and content initiatives while tracking your metrics to see what works and what your audience wants. Being responsive delivers real-time results that can help shape your content. OAO focuses on really getting to know your audience to create actionable steps for a lasting impact.

Although most business are just beginning to understand the changes and impact in the content algorithm, good writers are light years ahead. Good writing is not a random act – it’s a skill. Professional writers that understand the value in optimizing your content beyond SEO can help leverage your brand and shape your audience for a long-standing commitment from your readers on a global and local scale. Employing the right tactics is key – make your dollars count. You may want to hold the SEO!

Allaire W is a freelance content marketing writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can frequently find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in flour or cake batter.

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