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The Secret to Getting the Best Content Ever Lies with the Creative Brief

When developing content for your business, it’s important to give your writers a blueprint so they know what you’re looking for.

That starts with the creative brief. Although it may seem like a small part of your plan, it’s actually one of the forces bringing your concepts, thoughts and ideas to life.

Elements of the Creative Brief

In broad terms, the creative brief defines which assets you need, the tone and style of your content writing, and your expectations for the piece.  More specifically, it tells your freelance writer:

  • The type of project
  • Why the project is being done
  • Who the target audience is
  • Any relevant research that needs to be done
  • What the deadline of the project is
  • What you hope to achieve with the content

What it Accomplishes

The last thing you want to do is assign a project with no direction. The creative brief saves time, money, and helps put things into perspective for your content writer.

The brief also provides a place for the writer to ask questions about the project and gain more insight, which increases the chances that they will write clear, relevant content.

Setting the tone for your writer ensures that your entire team–even those not in-house–are working towards a common goal.

Even the best writers need to be pointed in the right direction. With a thorough creative brief, they’ll have no problems following your content strategy plan.

About the author 

A versatile writer, Allaire W  has a strong background in creating clear and concise content for articles, blogs, white papers, case studies, web copy, press releases and e-books. 

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