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Hitting the Content Refresh Button

Writing brand new content shouldn’t be your only option. Sometimes all you need to accomplish your objectives is to refresh existing content to give it new life for new uses.

Content writing jobs are not limited to creating content from scratch. You can re-purpose content from an outdated web page, discontinued brochure or archived newsletter to fit a brand new purpose. A professional content writer can help you put a fresh spin on these old words.

Rewriting content involves a few key steps. You should have a good idea of who your target audience is and what they need. You need to insert fresh keywords and links to make the rewritten content search engine friendly. Most important, it is essential to replace outdated information within the content.

Understand Your Target Audience

Your audience changes over time just like any written content does. What might have worked a few years ago isn’t guaranteed to produce the same results now. Creating effective content always starts with understanding what your target audience needs – whether it is original or rewritten.

If you are creating a blog on starting a business, for example, your target audience will likely consist of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Blog topics should cover ground pertinent to their situation such as training employees or marketing a new product.

Rewriting existing content follows the same rules. Your words should apply to the current circumstances of your audience. Do your homework through social media and other marketing avenues to find out what the hot trends are for your target demographic and create content geared toward those trends.

Incorporate New Keywords and Links

Search engines change all the time. Staying ahead of those changes requires staying on top of those changes. Content that uses outdated keywords and links risks being buried by newer content.

When you create original content, it’s essential to pay attention to what words and phrases will grab the most attention in search engines. Rewriting content follows the same principle. Take time to go back and find out which keywords and links are still effective in driving traffic to your website and which ones no longer do the job.

A few quick searches using keywords relevant to your content can help you know which ones draw the most eyeballs.

Update With New Information

How embarrassing would it be to post an article reviewing a particular truck only to discover that model had been discontinued a few years ago? Nothing drives your audience away faster than stale content that contains outdated information.

A top priority with rewritten content is injecting new information or research that might be applicable to what is already written. If you are revising a product description, for example, it is a good idea to find out if scientific discoveries or technological advancements have changed the way the product is used. Possessing current information can help you present old content in a fresh light.

Your writing sounds much fresher and brighter when you take time to make it not read like an excerpt from an archived document!

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